When the local newspaper closes, municipal borrowing costs increase 5 to 11 basis points, according to a 2018 working paper by the Hutchins Center. That adds up to an additional $650,000 per issue. Consider subscribing to Andover News and make sure we can continue to offer local, independent, nonpartisan news coverage in Andover.

Beginning Jan. 1, we will begin charging a $7, monthly subscription to make sure Andover News can cover its expenses and continue to grow, with hopes of eventually getting to a place where we can hire a full-time staff and expand our coverage to include even more events, people and issues in Andover.

But we're offering 29% off the monthly rate for a limited time: To thank the readers who have been supporting us, we're offering 29 percent off the regular subscription rate for anyone who signs up before Dec. 31, 2022. You can support Andover News today for as little as $5 per month.

Non-subscribers will still have access to our daily newsletter and much of our content, and have access to three premium articles per month, but exclusive content, including our meeting coverage and original reporting, will live behind a paywall.

The subscription rate will be $7 per month beginning Jan. 1, but you can lock in a reduced rate if you sign up by Dec. 31:
  • One-month subscription for $5: save $2
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We're not making this ask lightly: we know inflation is raging, the holidays are approaching and there are lots of other places where you can spend $5 per month. But we believe local journalism is crucial for preserving democracy, keeping local government in check and helping to build community.

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Dave Copeland
Publisher, Andover News
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @AndoverMANews