TGIF, Andover! Here's your daily rundown of everything happening in town for Friday, Dec. 2, courtesy of Andover News.

A.M. Briefing

Things To Know Today
  1. There was another sewage dump Wednesday night at the Lowell treatment facility. The Andover Health Division is advising residents to avoid the Merrimack River for at least 48 hours.
  2. The 11-week Andover Leadership Academy is accepting applications from residents who want to get an in-depth look at municipal operations.
  3. Andover extended yesterday's deadline to submit applications for the Participatory Capital Budgeting Program until January 15.
Weather: Mostly sunny, seasonable, with a high of 46. Cloudy tonight with a low of 35. Rain tomorrow with winds gusts and a high of 58. Mostly sunny on Sunday with a high of 42 (compiled from the Weather Channel).

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Today's Top Stores

Special Town Meeting OKs Tax Hike, Funds Shift For West El Budget Overrun

The most expensive public elementary school construction project in Massachusetts history got more expensive at Andover Special Town Meeting Thursday.

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Special Town Meeting OKs Tax Hike, Funds Shift For West El Budget Overrun

Learn To Speak Dog With Andover Animal Control

Looking to fix your dog's behavior or just figure out what makes him or her tick? Andover Animal Control may be able to help.

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Learn To Speak Dog With Andover Animal Control

Holiday Stroll, Gift Card Giveaway, Holiday Happenings Return

Andover merchants will be decking the halls, offering specials and providing "merchant hospitality" this weekend for Downtown Andover's annual Holiday Stroll and Gift Card Giveaway.

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Holiday Stroll, Gift Card Giveaway, Holiday Happenings Return

Happening today:

Gift Card Giveaway
Holiday Stroll

At Memorial Hall Library
9 am-5 pm: Friends’ Holiday Book Sale Setup
3 pm: Super Smash Bros. for Teens

Happening tomorrow:
Gift Card Giveaway

At Memorial Hall Library
9 m- 3pm: Friends’ Holiday Book Sale
10 am: Saturday Stories
11:15 am: Girls Who Code Presentations
2 pm: Graphic Novel Group

Happening Sunday:
No listings. Send us details of your event for inclusion in the Andover News Calendar.

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