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It's been exactly three months and a day since I published the first post on Andover News. Here are just a handful of the stories that would have gone uncovered or under-covered by local media if Andover News did not exist:

To think that my biggest fear when I started Andover News and committed to only covering Andover stories and events was that I wouldn't have enough to write about! Now I have a legal pad full of story ideas I want to work on, plus a steady stream of events, people and issues that come up every day in our town.

As I tell everyone who calls, writes or meets me to compliment what Andover News has become, we're just getting started. And we can do even more with your help.

The Kickstarter campaign I launched last month is the crucial first step of building Andover News into a sustainable, independent, nonpartisan news outlet. The $15,000 we're trying to raise will help us promote and grow the site beyond the early adopters and reach all the Andover residents who are invested in our town and can benefit from our work.

If you haven't pledged yet, please consider backing us today with whatever amount you can. If you still want to learn more before making your pledge, I will have a table at Andover Days on Saturday (look for me near the post office and Cafe Nero) and will be available to talk about my vision and answer any questions you may have. I'm also always available at dave@andovermanews.com or 617-433-7851 to discuss anything Andover and answer your questions about Andover News.

Thanks for your time and continued support.

Neighbors First!

Dave Copeland
Andover News

Andover News Kickstarter Campaign

Andover News launched a Kickstarter campaign to ensure we can continue to offer nonpartisan, local news coverage in our community.

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