The Andover Department of Public Works will test for lead in drinking water in 400 homes per year in hopes of identifying issues in about 1,300 homes where the type of plumbing is unknown, according to a report published in the Eagle-Tribune.

Of the 31 homes tested in the 2021 Annual Drinking Quality Report, the DPW identified six homes with lead above the “actionable” level. DPW Director Chris Cronin told the newspaper the threshold for an actionable designation was recently increased. In addition to the 1,300 homes where the plumbing type is unknown, there are 150 homes with lead-lined plumbing service.

Residents in the homes with lead-lined or unknown plumbing status have been notified or are in the process of being notified. DPW has already conducted tests at 100 homes and found seven had lead-lined service.

For more on this story, see the Eagle-Tribune.

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