Among the calls that kept Andover police busy this week, according to the police log:

  • Two vandalized cars on Penobscot Way.
  • A road rage incident where a driver flashed a knife.
  • A report of a man dressed in black in the middle of River Road.

Call of the Week
Saturday, 3:06 pm: Caller reports a woman stole her phone and ran down Park Street. Phone located at salon caller was originally in.

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for Feb. 16-21 are listed below. You can also download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log. You can also view past entries from the Andover police log.

Thursday, Feb. 16

12:50 am: Suspicious activity, River Road.
10:52 am: Animal complaint, Charlotte Drive.
12:07 pm: Suspicious activity, Bellevue Road.
12:28 pm: Larceny/Theft, Main Street.
3:08 pm: Well-being check, North Main Street.
3:14 pm: Animal complaint, Hillcrest Road.
5:13 pm: Well-being check, Reservation Road.
8:18 pm: Well-being check, Railroad Street.
11:07 pm: Motor vehicle complaint, Route 93/Lowell Street.

Friday, Feb. 17

6:36 am: Suspicious activity, Elm Street.
10:58 am: Animal complaint, Muirfield Circle.
2:01 pm: Railroad gates stuck, Andover Street.
3:56 pm: Threats, North Street.
9:30 pm: Missing person, River Road.

Saturday, Feb. 18

12:01 am: Manager calling about two drunk women dropped off by Uber and crying in the bathroom because they thought they were slipped an unknown drug.
12:22 am: OUI arrest on Elm Street.
10:16 pm: Animal in chimney on Lowell Street. Homeowners to handle.
10:28 am: NEMLEC call to Burlington.
11:15 am: Theft, Colonial Drive.
11:47 am: NEMLEC call in Linclon.
3:06 pm: Caller reports a woman stole her phone and ran down Park Street. Phone located at salon caller was originally in.
8:40 pm: Caller says husband may have left their 12- and 7-year-old children home alone on Harvard Road.
11:18 pm: 911 call in area of Kirkland Drive from woman who kept saying “I want to go home.” AT&T gave subscriber info. Adams police said they have had incidents with her.

Sunday, Feb. 19

8:20 Black lab and yellow lab loose on Arcadia Road. Owner retrieved.
9:22 pm: Caller says her husband has not come home since Yesterday, Harvard Road.
12:27 pm: Vandalism, Penobscot Way.
12:45 pm: Car vandalism, Penobscot Way.
3:43 pm: Caller concerned about resident walking dog off leash on River Road. Unable to locate.
4:00 pm: Employee reporting argument, River Road.
5:33 pm: Erratic driver, Central Street.
11:54 pm: NEMLEC call to North Reading.

Monday, Feb. 20

1:00 pm: Loose puppy on Central Street. Unable to locate.
4:32 pm: Dead deer on side of Bypass.
5:16 pm: Road rage incident, South Main Street. Caller reports a driver who cut him off showed a knife then pulled over and got out of his vehicle.
5:52 pm: NEMLEC call to Methuen.
9:15 pm: Man refusing to leave North Main Street business.

Tuesday, Feb. 21

12:07 am: Noise complaint, Memorial Circle. Woman said she will try to keep her son with autism as quiet as possible.
7:27 am: Report of a man dressed in black in the middle of River Road. Man said he wanted to go to hospital for evaluation.
2:02 pm: Assist ambulance with woman who fell on trail to baseball fields off Stowe Court.
2:15 pm: Barking dog complaint, Spring Grove Road.
2:51 pm: Patient left hospital and running towards street.3:06 pm: Identity fraud, Paddock Lane.
3:43 pm: Report of past breaking and entering attempt on Heather Drive.
4:34 pm: Violation of harassment order, Shadow Lane.
6:59 pm: Caller wants to speak with officer about extortion, Dale Street.
7:15 pm: Road Rage incident, Bypass.
8:55 pm: Arrest following motor vehicle stop on River Road.

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