Six cars were broken into early Tuesday morning, and a black Audi Q3 was stolen from a Stafford Lane driveway, according to this week’s Andover police log.

Andover Police Lt. Edward Guy said the keys may have been left in the Audi, and that “nothing significant appeared to be stolen” from the vehicles that were broken into. Three of the cars were on Whittier Street, two were on Walnut Avenue and one on Stafford Lane.

At 2:22 a.m. a Stafford Lane resident also reported seeing a man on his Ring camera who walked up his driveway and entered two unlocked cars at 1:26 a.m. Nothing was taken, and police could not locate the man after searching the area.

“It appears there was a male subject who was in the area when this occurred, but he was not identifiable other than a hooded sweatshirt,” Guy said.

Among the other items of note in this week’s Andover Police log:

  • A customer was upset about new hairstyle and acting erratically on Main Street.
  • Police advised three Phillips Academy students to stop writing in snow on parked cars.
  • Police discussed “a cat issue” with a resident.
  • A parent asked police to “speak with their son about the importance of wearing a seat belt.”

Wednesday, Jan. 11

8:12 am: Black, 2018 Toyota Avalon missing from driveway on Tewksbury Street.
10:35 am: Loose dog reunited with owner on Chestnut Court/Morton Street.
11:25 am: Threats, Shawsheen Road.
12:15 pm: Report of phone scam, Corbett Street.
12:18 pm: Assist Stowe Court resident with a cat issue.
3:40 pm: Tyngsboro day care owner reports concerns about a child who has not shown up for a couple of days. Police contacted the child’s mother, who will call day care ASAP.
4:46 pm: Parent wants an officer to speak with their son about the importance of wearing a seat belt.
5:34 pm: Fraudulent charges on credit card, High Plain Road.
6:41 pm: Person reported missing in Haverhill walked into the police station lobby. Program in Haverhill picked her up.
7:27 pm: Possible attempted vehicle break-in on Tewksbury Street.
8:23 pm: Lawrence Police recovered a vehicle reported missing on Lowell Street. Owner notified.
10:32 pm: Assault, North Main Street. One arrested.
10:04 pm: Riverside Drive hotel manager reports guest’s credit card declined after staying two days. Staff will call back if person returns.

Thursday, Jan. 12

9:28 am: Scam reported, High Street.
9:37 am: Vandalism at school, Shawsheen Road.
9:40 am: Vandalism at school, Shawsheen Road.
9:58 am: Student walked away from school. Staff is following the girl on River Road. Transported to Lawrence General Hospital.
2:14 pm: Identity fraud, Woodview Way.
5:07 pm: Longwood Drive caller reports being scammed and threatened by phone.
7:41 pm: Water main break, South Main Street.
10:51 pm: Caller heard noise on deck, River Road.

Friday, Jan. 13

8:54 am: Caller reports a man in his 60s came to her door on Preston Circle looking for the nearest hospital. Police could not locate.
1:01pm: Suspicious activity, Main Street.
1:50 pm: School staff wants an officer to look at an item found by a student’s feet, Shattuck Road.
2:29 pm: Person choking, River Road.

Saturday, Jan. 14

1:21 am: Property manager reports person evicted from property is in front of clubhouse with all her stuff. Verbal trespass, women picked up and is staying with a friend.
12:12 pm: Car broken into at Andover/North Andover YMCA.
3:40 pm: Couple refusing to leave River Road hotel.
10:24 pm: Three Phillips Academy students writing in snow on parked cars. “They were advised to stop.”

Sunday, Jan. 15

4:09 am: Report of 10 people fighting on Tech Drive. Gone of arrival.
5:21 am: White vehicle on Tech Drive “being rowdy,” caller wants them moved along. Four women verbally trespassed. Unclear if it is related to earlier incident.
8:32 am: Injured raccoon on Bypass Road at South Main Street.
8:37 am: Trees on wires over Lowell Street/Reservation Road.
1:54 pm: Caller reports minor hit-and-run on Main Street. No damage.
10:19 pm: Car slid into a yard on Wildwood Road and left.
11:09 pm: Car off Bypass Road at Prospect Road. Vehicle unoccupied and towed.

Monday, Jan. 16

10:22 am: Death reported, Railroad Street.
1:31 pm: Hit-and-run crash, Shattuck Road.
7:32 pm: Cellphone found on North Main Street, turned into police department.

Tuesday, Jan. 17

12:59 am: Suspicious activity, Salem Street.
2:22 am: Caller says their Ring camera showed a man enter two unlocked cars parked in a Stafford Lane driveway at 1:26 a.m. Nothing taken, person gone upon police arrival.
8:06 am: Black, Audi Q3 stolen from Stafford Lane driveway.
8:12 am: Caller reports two cars broken into overnight on Walnut Avenue.
8:18 am: Driver hit and killed deer on Lowell Street. No injuries to driver.
9:29 am: Three cars broken into on Whittier Street.
9:38 am: Crash on Elm Street/Washington Avenue with injury.
1:51 pm: Dog bite, North Main Street.
3:40 pm: Dog loose at Abbot and Phillips Streets. Gone when officer arrived.
4:08 pm: Walk-in reports past break-in to vehicle on Washington Avenue.
4:26 pm: Suspicious activity, Main Street.
5:49 pm: Caller wants to speak with officer about neighbor issues, Main Street.
6:20 pm: Main Street business wants assistance removing customer who was upset about new hairstyle and acting erratically. “They are on their way and will settle the bill later.”
7:57 pm: Caller says his sister, who he has not spoken to in a couple of years, may be missing. Advice given.

4 thoughts on “Police Log: Cars Broken Into, Audi Stolen”
  1. It is curious that there are no APD stops for speeding vehicles recorded. Does that me there are no speeding vehicles or no patrols?

    1. There are traffic stops listed in the complete log if you scroll down to the PDF embedded at the bottom of the story. I try to only include the more unusual items in the abbreviated list of entries.

  2. Thank you. I see complete story, I don’ see any traffic stops for speeding, but maybe I have missed something. I only mention this because of the numerous complaints for speeding in the FB Andover pages.

    1. I also have not seen any traffic stops for speeding recently. How is the new Law of 25 mph on thickly settled streets being implemented in addition to the three ‘signs’ I see posted on Elm, Highland and Woburn Sts. All roads coming into Andover from Tewksbury, North Andover, Wilmington, Lawrence are required to be posted according to the wording and practice of 17c.

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