Among the calls that kept Andover police busy this week, according to the police log:

  • A mysterious yellow substance on Lowell Street.
  • Lots of loose dogs.
  • A man stealing food orders that were not his.

Call of the Week

Monday, March 20, 12:56 am: Caller reports “some kind of animal barking and yipping” in woods behind her house on Colonial Drive. “Caller advised that animals fighting in the woods in the middle of the night is not uncommon.”

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for March 15-21 are listed below. You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Wednesday, March 15

10:38 am: Fraud, Piper’s Gin.
10:52 am: Loose dog, Dascomb Road.
12:12 pm: Loose dogs on Shawsheen Road.
2:11 pm: Fraud, Carmel Road.
3:04 pm: Crash with injuries.
5:38 pm: Well-being check, River Road.
5:53 pm: Child locked in vehicle, Prospect Road.

Thursday, March 16

8:58 am: Scam, Chandler Road.
9:41 am: Haggetts Pond Road resident wants sister-in-law removed from property.
9:58 am: Disoriented elderly woman in street, Cassimere Street/Stevens Street.
10:26 am: Identity fraud, Korinthian Way.
1:07 pm: Loose goldendoodle, River Road/Jillian Way.
1:40 pm: Raccoon issue, Walnut Avenue.
5:27 pm: Loose dog, William Street.
7:15 pm: Woman reports man has been stalking her and showed up at her house.
11:40 pm: Crash with injury, North Main Street.

Friday, March 17

11:34 am: Dead deer, Pettingell Avenue.
11:58 am: Trespassing, Frontage Road.
3:04 pm: Unemployment scam, Prides Circle.4:23 pm: Suspicious activity, Park Street.
10:09 pm: Assisted State Police in trying to locate “multiple people who fled from the scene of a crash” on Interstate 93.
10:27 pm: Erratic operator, Lowell Street.

Saturday, March 18

9:36 am: Fraud, Saint James Drive.
11:55 am: Man stealing food orders on Lowell Street.
1:04 pm: Man believed to be under the influence has not checked out of River Road hotel. Taken to Lawrence General Hospital.
9:37 pm: Suspicious activity, Buttonwood Drive.

Sunday, March 19

12:58 am: Multiple callers report seeing a woman jump out of a moving vehicle on Dascomb Road.
1:42 am: Assist fire department with vomiting 18-year-old man, Stratford Road.
2:23 pm: Erratic operator on Highland Road/Salem Street. Woman arrested.
10:08 am: Fraud, River Road.
7:58 pm: Belongings stolen from room at River Road hotel.
9:04 pm: Caller says yellow substance on Lowell Street gave her a flat tire. Nothing found.

Monday, March 20

12:56 am: Caller reports “some kind of animal barking and yipping” in woods behind her house on Colonial Drive. “Caller advised that animals fighting in the woods in the middle of the night is not uncommon.”
5:01 am: B&E on Iroquois Avenue. Caller says he heard the backdoor open after he announced he was armed. “Possibly an animal came in and was going through their trash.”
8:38 am: Stroller stolen from lobby on Woodview Way.
10:30 am: Possible identity scam, Pepperidge Circle.
11:10 am: Animal complaint, Dartmouth Road.
11:57 am: Neighbor issue, Blueberry Hill Road.
3:32 pm: Customer may be doing drugs in bathroom on River Road.
4:06 pm: Boy and dog stuck in water on Lowell Street. Child returned to family.
4:57 pm: Two young men in blue Camry yelling at people as they drive up and down Pine Street/Summer Street.
9:25 pm: Erratic driver, River Road/Boutwell Road.

Tuesday, March 21

11:37 am: Animal check, Whittier Court.
11:42 am: Elder services check, Stowe Court.
1:07 pm: Animal Check, Abbot Street.
1:50 pm: Loose dog, Abbot Street.
1:56 pm: Fraud, North Main Street.
4:00 pm: Caller says driver nearly hit him and his wife while they were walking on Spring Grove Road. Officer is familiar with driver and will follow up with him.
4:36 pm: Report of fight on Interstate 93 north. Call transferred to State Police.

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