And the winner is….Bella!

Friday is National Dog Day. To celebrate, we asked the town clerk’s office for a list of the names of every dog licensed in Andover to determine the most popular dog names in town.

Of the 2,341 dogs licensed in Andover, Bella was the most popular name, with 31 pooches bearing the moniker. For the boys, the most popular name was Charlie, with 27.

Most Popular Dog Names In Andover

1. Bella (31)
2. Charlie (27)
3. Luna (24)
4. Cooper, Lucy (23)
6. Bailey, Daisy (22)
8. Maggie (21)
9. Coco (19)
10. Molly, Zoe/Zoey (18)
12. Lily, Rocky, Winnie (16)
15. Sadie, Teddy (15)
17. Chloe, Milo, Penny, Rosie (14)
21. Bentley, Gracie, Gus, Max, Oliver, Pepper, Tucker (13)
28. Finn, Henry, Millie, Ollie, Riley, Ruby (11)
34. Brady, Cody, Ginger, Louie (10)

Andover’s most popular dog name list is similar to the national list of most popular names:

Top male dog names:Top female dog names:
1. Bailey1. Bella
2. Max2. Lucy
3. Charlie3. Molly
4. Buddy4. Daisy
5. Rocky5. Maggie
6. Jake6. Sophie
7. Jack7. Sadie
8. Toby8. Chloe
9. Cody9. Bailey
10. Buster10. Lola

More Facts About Andover Dogs

  • The average age of licensed dogs in Andover is 5.6 years.
  • There are 1,102 female dogs (47%) and 1,240 male dogs (53%) in Andover.
  • The most popular dog breed in Andover is the golden retriever.

Photo: The author’s dog, one of 10 dogs named Lucky in Andover, poses with his best friend Callie.

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