Conserving water in Andover. Source: Andover DPW

Unlike several other area towns, Andover has yet to implement outside water use restrictions. Most areas of Massachusetts had under 2.5 inches of rainfall in June, well below the usual June average of nearly four inches, and that has the Andover Department of Public Works and Water Division urging residents to take steps to conserve water.

In a series of Twitter posts Tuesday morning, DPW said the town’s peak water demand season runs from mid-June until mid-September. Demand during that period typically increases by 6,300 gallons per minute, mostly because of increased lawn, garden and yard watering:

Among the recommendation:

  • Water lawns after the sun goes down or before it comes back.
  • Don’t overwater. Most lawns only require one inch per week, including rainfall. Overwatering can make lawns less susceptible to droughts.
  • Sweep driveways, sidewalks and steps instead of hosing them off.
  • Check spigots, hoses and connections for leaks.

More information on conserving water from Andover DPW.

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