A planned renovation of the parking lots behind Old Town Hall in downtown Andover will include a new performance space.

The renovation will include better pedestrian access and wider sidewalks, Andover Economic Development Council member Ed Gundrum said in a post to the “What’s Happening In Andover?” Facebook group recapping the council’s Aug. 19 meeting. The plans call for additional trees, and the parking lot directly behind the building will be occasionally closed when the performance space is in use.

Gundrum also said an art show featuring Andover artisans is being planned and will be held “soon.”

Other highlights from the meeting, according to Gundrum:

  • “There is over half a billion square feet of industrial space in Andover either recently completed or approved,” Gundrum said. “Andover is highly desirable for high tech business and is seen as an extension or alternative to Kendall Square where prices are extremely high and space is very limited.”
  • The developer of the Old Town Yard has acquired 5 additional surrounding parcels which “will make the project even better,” Gundrum said. The town is working with a private developer to build a mixed-use, transit-oriented development on the three-acre site.

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