The Andover Select Board will meet in a closed-door session before its public meeting Monday to discuss a pending lawsuit filed by the former director of Andover Youth Services.

William Fahey filed his wrongful termination lawsuit against Town Manager Andrew Flanagan in Essex Superior Court on June 3, 2021. The case is currently in the discovery phase.

There were no other details on the agenda for Monday night, and the town does not comment on pending litigation. Government bodies will often hold an executive session to discuss legal strategy.

In his complaint, Fahey said Flanagan “targeted” him for termination for more than five years before firing him on May 10, 2021 after a town-commissioned, independent investigation found Flanagan had “sufficient evidence” to fire Fahey, even though some of the allegations he had had inappropriate contact with a minor were not credible.

Andover denies most of the allegations in Fahey’s lawsuit in its response to the complaint.

Fahey has repeatedly denied the allegations and disputes the independent investigator’s report. His firing led to the resignation of AYS’s entire full-time staff in September 2021.

Fahey’s complaint against Andover Town Manager Andrew Flanagan:

Town’s response to Fahey’s complaint:

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