Good morning, Andover! Here’s what’s happening in town today:

Weather: Today’s going to be nice — look for more sun and less humidity than yesterday, with a high of 81 degrees.

APS chooses ‘nontraditional’ math curriculum for K-5: Elementary school students in Andover will have a new math curriculum when they return to school this fall. The school committee adopted the new curriculum presented by Katherine Richard, head of the math program at Andover Public Schools, at a meeting earlier this month. Richard described Eureka Math Squared as “nontraditional” and based on conceptual learning, and said it was chosen after a review of 32 math curriculums for students in grades K-5. “We really want kids to understand what they are learning,” Richard said. “We want there to be opportunities for students to think about other strategies, maybe a strategy that they come up with themselves.”

Andover residents protest high court decision: “Dozens” of protesters gathered in Shawsheen Square Friday, just hours after the Supreme Court upended reproductive law in the U.S., according to an Andover Townsman report. The court ruling struck down two earlier decisions and cleared the way for states to outlaw abortion. “This is just the start, and it is all going to go downhill from here,” Maura Bragg, one of the protesters, told the newspaper. “So many states are all ready to go looking at bans.” Read more.

Route 125 goose dies: Despite hand-lettered signs warning drivers about a family of nesting geese near the Andover-North Andover town line on Route 125, one of the geese was found dead in the middle of the busy byway yesterday.

ICYMI: Don’t forget to check out our photos from Sunday’s car show in downtown Andover.

Meetings: The retirement board is scheduled to meet at 8:30 a.m. this morning, while the planning board has a virtual meeting at 7:30 this evening. The top item on the agenda is the resumption of the board’s public hearing on a proposed drug treatment facility (main photo) on Haverhill Street.


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