Andover Meeting Transcripts

Andover News uses, an artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe several government and community meetings each week to aid in reporting and accuracy. Those raw transcripts are available for viewing by paid, Andover News subscribers.

Andover News does not prepare transcripts for every single government meeting, but will transcribe meetings upon request by paid subscribers. The transcripts include closed-captioning of the video and the ability to watch the video as the transcripts scrolls in unison.

Keep in mind and other AI platforms are evolving, and the transcripts are not 100 percent accurate. You should always double-check the computer-generated transcripts against the meeting recording.

Last updated on Nov. 17, 2023.

Transcripts of Government & Community Meetings

AHS Building Committee

Complete Streets Community Forum

Elm Square Safety Forum

Finance Committee

MBTA Communities Working Group

Permanent Town Building Committee

Planning Board

School Committee

Select Board

Town Seal Review Committee

West Elementary School Building Committee

Zoning Board of Appeals

Other Transcripts


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