An arrest, a cryptic message on a cracker, a possum in a mud room and a couple watching a late-night movie in a parked car are among the incidents that have kept Andover police busy in recent weeks.

Below are selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for Nov. 9-29. You can also download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log.

Wednesday, Nov. 9

1:39 am: Suspicious activity, Old South Lane
7:38 am: Animal complaint, Poor Street
8:11 am: Motor vehicle complaint, South Main Street
10:47 am: Animal complaint, Morton Street
11:47 am: Missing person, North Street
12:08 pm: Well-being check, Forest Drive/Gould Road
1:06 pm: Animal complaint, Poor Street
3:03 pm: Animal complaint, Timothy Drive
4:00 pm: Motor vehicle complaint, Cross Street/Forest Hill Drive
8:14 pm: Well-being check, North Main Street

Thursday, Nov. 10

5:55 am: Illegal burn, River Road
8:58 am: Animal complaint, Elm Street
10:11 am: Report of injured fox on Porter Road. Not located.
10:55 pm: License plate stolen, Orchard Crossing
11:30 am: Well-being check, Gould Road
11:47 am: Injured cat returned to owner, Gould Road
1:12 pm: Vandalism, Chestnut Court
2:01 pm: Animal complaint, Harold Parker Road
3:54 pm: Package stolen from parcel room, Lowell Street
5:26 pm: Suspicious activity, Chandler Road
7:56 pm: Caller reports her dog was attacked twice at the dog park on High Plain Road earlier in the day.
8:44 pm: Erratic operator, South Main Street. Police arrested a 59-year-old Lawrence man after a motor vehicle stop on South Main Street. The man was charged with operating under the influence and license not in possession
8:52 pm: Animal complaint, Clark Road

Friday, Nov. 11

7:59 am: Walk-in reports rash with deer on Saturday, no injuries, Dascomb Road
11:31 am: Sick fox, Stevens Circle. Gone when police arrived.
1:33 pm: Crash, no injuries, North Main Street/Joyce Terrace
1:56 pm: Crash with injuries, Dale Street
2:18 pm: Report of past assault, Main Street
3:09 pm: Harassment, High Street
3:39 pm: Report of illegal hunter on town property, Apple Blossom Road. Man left area.
4:31 pm: Suspicious activity, Brundrett Avenue
7:55 pm: Crash, no injuries, Gould Road/Harold Parker Road
8:10 pm: Crash, no injuries, Gould Road/Harold Parker Road
9:44 pm: Possum in mudroom on Brechin Terrace

Saturday, Nov. 12

No log available.

Sunday, Nov. 13

12:35 am: Assault, North Main Street
6:51 am: Animal complaint, South main Street
4:31 pm: Motor vehicle complaint on Walnut Avenue
7:43 pm: Well-being check, Bulfinch Drive

Monday, Nov. 14

10:32 am: Vandalism, Whittier Court
10:45 am: Crash, no injuries, North Main Street
10:53 am: Animal complaint, Prides Circle
11:03 am: Animal inspection, Castle Heights Road
11:17 am: Well-being check
1:16 pm: Erratic operator, Lowell Street
1:37 pm: Walk-in reporting family issue, Cheever Drive
4:04 pm: Crash, no injuries, Route 93/Dascomb Road
4:11 pm: Caller reports being involved in a minor crash and road rage incident on River Road. Happened on ramp from Route 93, State Police notified.
5:11 pm: Oriole Drive reports wife is possibly missing. She later returned home.
6:51 pm: Hit-and-run, River Street
6:58 pm: Coventry Lane resident wants to speak to an officer about strange text messages his daughter is receiving.
9:17 pm: Suspicious activity, Warwick Circle

Tuesday, Nov. 15

5:56 pm: Crash, no injuries, Main Street/Central Street
7:50 am: Suspicious activity, Whittier Court
9:30 am: Erratic operator, Burnham Road/High Street
9:54 am: Crash, no injuries, Cheever Circle/Elm Street
10:02 am: Animal inspection, Lowell Street
12:14 pm: Suspicious activity, Shawsheen Road
12:15 pm: Suspicious activity, Shawsheen Road
12:43 pm: Harassment, Haggetts Pond Road
4:36 pm: License plate stolen, Lowell Street
5:20 pm: Crash with injury, Bypass Road/Salem Street
6:55 pm: Noise complaint, Brook Street
8:26 pm: Crash, no injuries, Frontage Road
9:23 pm: People walking through caller’s backyard on Frontage Road with flashlights. Officer found it was two people tracking a deer.
11:35 pm: Suspicious activity, Pioneer Circle

Wednesday, Nov. 16

8:01 am: Past motor vehicle break-in on Bulfinch Drive reported
10:09 am: Two loose dogs on Timothy Drive. Not found.
10:36 am: Animal complaint, Lowell Street
11:10 am: Crash, no injuries, Main Street
12:31 pm: Animal complaint, River Road
1:28 pm: Crash, no injuries, Andover Street/Central Street
3:03 pm: Fraud, Clark Road
3:15 pm: Crash, no injuries, Main Street
4:26 pm: Well-being check, Bypass
5:00 pm: Deer hit near State Police Barracks at Bypass/Gould Road. Deer on side of road between Wildwood and Gould Road on southbound side. No vehicle located.
11:32 pm: Caller reports a running, unoccupied car on Juliette Street. Driver is dating a neighbor and they were watching a movie in the car. Will move to another spot.

Thursday, Nov. 17

5:44 am: Water main break, Holt Road/Stinson Road
6:22 am: Noise complaint, Blanchard Street
6:50 am: Caller reports Hispanic man and blonde woman staying at hotel selling drugs near hotel on Tech Drive. Vehicle located but unoccupied. Hotel has no record of vehicle. Forwarded to detectives.
8:37 am: Bicyclist injured after hitting curb on Main Street.
10:01 am: Woman who appears to be under the influence ran over cones on South Main Street. Woman taken to Lawrence General Hospital. Will be summonsed for OUI and marked lanes violation.
10:29 am: Well-being check, Railroad Street
10:44 am: Suspicious activity, Main Street
10:58 am: Crash, no injuries, Andover Street/Dale Street. Utility pole damaged, National Grid notified.
12:34 pm: Breaking and entering, Cormiers Way
1:21 pm: Three loose puppies brought to River Road vet.
1:45 pm: Haverhill Street resident reports pry marks on sliding door.
3:04 pm: Found wallet turned in to police department, Woodview Way
4:20 pm: Walk in reports hit-and-run crash, no injuries, Route 93/Frontage Road
5:16 pm: Crash, no injuries, Brook Street/Central Street
5:50 pm: Animal inspection, Harold Parker Road
8:30 pm: Caller on High Plain Road reports finding a cracker in a cracker box that read “1800 DIE”
9:49 pm: Noise complaint, Colonial Drive

Friday, Nov. 18

1:56 am: Fire at leaf dump on High Plain Road
4:26 am: Suspicious activity, Dascomb Road
8:20 am: Suspicious activity, Haggetts Pond Road
10:06 am: Social Security number fraud, Rose Glen Drive
10:57 am: Animal inspection, Holt Road
11:55 am: Animal complaint, South Main Street
12:19 pm: Animal complaint, Andover Street
1:28 pm: Suspicious activity, Flint Circle
1:41 pm: Well-being check, Greenwood Road/High Plain Road
2:11 pm: Drug activity/investigation, Shawsheen Road
3:30 pm: Three-car crash, no injuries, North Main Street/Railroad Street
4:16 pm: Loose dog, Taylor Cove Drive
4:34 pm: Report of possible injured deer on patio, Granli Drive
4:42 pm: injured in line of duty, Hillcrest Road
4:44 pm: Larceny, High Street
7:21 pm: Crash, no injuries, Elm Street/North Main Street
9:37 pm: Coventry Lane resident asks to speak to officer about text messages sent to her daughter.

Saturday, Nov. 19

12:50 am: Suspicious activity, Lincoln Circle
2:34 am: Crash, no injuries, River Road Utility pole damaged, National Grid contacted.
3:20 am: Unwanted guests, River Road
7:40 am: Pumpkin smashed on mailbox, Wildwood Road
7:55 am: Guests refusing to leave five different rooms at hotel on River Road. People arguing in lobby. Guests left without incident.
8:02 am: Pumpkin smashed on mailbox, Wethersfield Drive
9:20 am: Crash, no injuries, Elm Street/Rock Ridge Road
1:12 pm: Assist Environmental Police with deer on Granli Drive
2:06 pm: Hotel on River Road wants guest removed.
2:14 pm: Disheveled man with cane walking away from State Police Barracks on Gould Road/Harold Parker Road. Police spoke to the man.
3:06 pm: Crash, no injuries, Lowell Street
4:14 pm: Crash, no injuries, Haverhill Street/High Street
4:45 pm: Unwanted guest, North Main Street
6:03 pm: Officer assisted High Plain Road resident with securing loose dog.

Sunday, Nov. 20

10:27 am: Crash, no injuries, Argyle Street
2:14 pm: Complaint of someone raking leaves onto North Main Street
4:23 pm: Longwood Drive resident reports someone entered her apartment and stole items
5:09 pm: Caller reports someone stole her wallet at Whole Foods on Railroad Street
5:37 pm: Breaking and entering, Longwood Drive
7:50 pm: Suspicious activity, Rose Glen Drive
8:38 pm: Well-being check, Shawsheen Road
10:49 pm: Crash, no injuries, Pheasant Run/River Road

Monday, Nov. 21

7:37 am: Crash with injury, Route 93/River Road
7:49 am: Crash, no injuries, Shawsheen Road
10:06 am: Crash, no injuries, Red Spring Road
11:25 am: Animal complaint, Hillcrest Road
1:35 pm: Crash, no injuries, Haverhill Street/Riverna Road
2:51 pm: Crash, no injuries, Elm Street/High Street
3:56 pm: Woman walking down Princeton Street with car driving next to her. Officer spoke to both parties, who were given “road lessons.”
4:10 pm: Wallet found, Elm Street
6:00 pm: Fraud, Andover Country Club Lane
6:17 pm: Train company asking for assistance with someone on train at Andover Street. Person left train and called for ride.
6:24 pm: Wallet turned into police station.
7:29 pm: Fraud, Andover Country Club Lane
11:04 pm: Suspicious activity, Colonial Drive

Tuesday, Nov. 22

9:23 am: Crash with injury, North Main Street
10:56 am: Animal complaint, Tewksbury Street
11:03 am: Mischievous activity, Buchan Road
12:53 pm: Fraud, Brentwood Circle2:05 pm: Woman stumbling around property on Campanelli Drive. Said she was meeting someone, but not sure who. Gone when police arrived.
3:09 pm: Noise complaint, Riverside Drive
9:23 pm: Online stalking/scam, River Road
11:25 pm: Uber driver to report intoxicated passenger got out of his car on Cardinal Lane and went into woods. Officer spoke with man; his wife picked him up.

Wednesday, Nov. 23

7:38 am: Illegal burn, High Plain Road
7:41 am: Crash, no injuries, North Main Street
8:01 am: Well-being check, Shattuck Road
9:40 am: Animal complaint
10:10 am: Harassment, Shawsheen Road. School resource officer to file report.
11:06 am: Elder service check
11:17 am: Animal inspection. Dog quarantined.
11:33 am: Smoke in kitchen on Regis Road after tree crew took down electrical service to house.
3:57 pm: Report of loose beagle puppy on Harding Street. Not found.
11:49 pm: Caller reports he was kicked out of LaFina and put in head lock. Taking Uber home to Somerville. Told to come to station if he wanted to file a report.

Thursday, Nov. 24

12:22 am: Noise complaint, Essex Street
1:23 am: Barking dog, Martingnale Lane
1:38 am: Uber driver request to speak to officer about a passenger
9:35 am: Crash, no injuries, Lowell Street
9:58 am: Crash, no injuries, Burnham Road
11:34 am: Crash, no injuries, Main Street
4:16 pm: Fosters Pond Road resident complaining two ATVs driving on her property
7:24 pm: Erratic operator, Elm Street/Washington Avenue
9:46 pm: Stolen license plate, Campanelli Drive
9:59 pm: Railroad gates stuck, Essex Street/Railroad Street

Friday, Nov. 25

3:17 am: Guest refusing to leave hotel on Tech Drive
6:49 am: Animal complaint, Pine Cone Lane
2:18 pm: Crash, no injuries, Union Street
3:32 pm: Eggs thrown at vehicle, dmaging paint, on Morraine Street/Red Spring Road
5:21 pm: Injured deer on Lowell Street. Not found.
8:16 pm: 35-year-old woman fell into a trash compactor on Ballardvale Street. Refused ambulance and said her son would drive her to emergency room. Detectives requested and OSHA notified.
9:36 pm: 4-5 people running around on Balmoral Street. Officer spoke with them.
9:44 pm: Possible motor vehicle break-in on River Road. Was a misunderstanding.

Saturday, Nov. 26

10:13 am: Animal complaint, Hillcrest Road
11:19 am: Illegal burn, Summer Street
1:56 pm: Illegal burn, Beacon Street/Chandler Road
2:12 pm: Illegal burn, North Main Street
3:39 pm: Wallet found on Main Street near Dunkins on Nov. 25 turned into police department.
4:00 pm: Caller reports five or six cars racing on Federal Street
7:08 pm: 20-30 cars racing around on Dascomb Road. Police made 11 motor vehicle stops and issued trespass violations on Dascomb Road between 7:22 and 8:32 p.m.
8:50 pm: Suspicious activity, Shattuck Road
10:26 pm: Couple yelling in car parked on Chandler Road/Greenwood Road. Gone when police arrived.
11:11 pm: Woman asked police to check on car driving back from Haverhill. Caller believes her two-year-old daughter is in the car with the child’s father, who may have been drinking or smoking marijuana.

Sunday, Nov. 27

12:08 am: Report of two men smoking marijuana off Webster Street. Gone when police arrived.
2:18 am: Young couple talking in lot on Burnham Road. Moved along.
4:55 am: Noise complaint, Lowell Street
5:26 am: Noise complaint, Lowell Street
11:09 am: Juvenile throwing rocks off overpass at Chandler Road/Samos Lane. Mother picked up child.
12:05 pm: Railroad gates stuck, Essex Street/Railroad Street
12:41 pm: Missing person, Lowell Street. Woman was found immediately after call.
2:05 pm: Crash, no injuries, Memorial Circle
2:14 pm: Fraud, North Main Street
5:39 pm: Crash, no injuries, North Main Street. Parked car hit outside Grassfields.
7:04 pm: Crash with injury, Main Street/Post Office Avenue
9:11 pm: Suspicious activity, Wagon Wheel Road
10:08 pm: Suspicious activity, Smithshire Estates

Monday, Nov. 28

10:30 am: Cruiser damage, Chandler Road
11:22 am: Elder service check, Joseph Street
11:46 am: Report of teens altering bikes, Memorial Circle
12:44 pm: Animal complaint, Hillcrest Road
12:45 pm: Somerset Drive resident reports wife found broken window when she returned home
1:50 pm: Fraud, Bellevue Road
5:42 pm: Well-being check, Memorial Circle
5:58 pm: Fraud, Chester Street
6:11: Crash with deer, no injuries, Federal Street
6:30 pm: Suspicious activity, White Oak Drive

Tuesday, Nov. 29

4:40 am: Illegal burn, Shattuck Road
6:41 am: unconscious man in car on North main Street. Refused medical treatment.
8:49 am: Crash, no injuries, Lowell Street
8:54 am: Loose dog, Andover Street/Dascomb Road
10:51 am: Crash, no injuries, North Main Street
10:56 am: Suspicious activity, William Street. Car parked in area, caller concerned because of recent drug activity in area.
12:02 pm: Suspicious activity, Corbett Street
12:53 pm: Animal complaint, Devonshire Place
1:16 pm: License plate stolen, Campanelli Drive
1:29 pm: Animal complaint, High Vale Lane
1:48 pm: Suspicious activity, Lowell Street
2:53: Suspicious activity, Woburn Street
10:09 pm: Noise complain, Shattuck Road
10:27 pm: Caller on Crescent Drive thinks someone has been in her apartment

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