Jay Livingston and Szifra Birke, a married Lowell couple who recently released a book on tandem bicycling, will be at the Andover Bookstore for an author appearance on Saturday from noon to 2 p.m.

In Tandem: Pedaling Through Midlife on a Bicycle Built for Two is a memoir that describes how the couple learned “cooperation and negotiation to assemble a new marriage on the detritus of multiple divorces, breakups, and a death” by learning how to ride a tandem bike. Livingston, 74, and Birke, 72, were featured in an article about the book in Sunday’s editions of the Boston Globe.

“There are endless ways in which the tandem is a good metaphor for a relationship,” Birke told the newspaper. “You can be riding along a beautifully paved road and hit an unexpected patch of gravel. Both partners have to concentrate on maneuvering through it if they don’t want to fall.”

Photo by Jay Livingston and Szifra Birke.

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