Nearly 40 Andover residents were among the more than 30,000 runners who completed the 127th Boston Marathon on Monday. Each Andover runner’s net time is listed in the table below.

Congratulations to all the runners!

Are you missing from the list? Send your bib number to, and we’ll add you to the finishers table.

Brand, Thomas39Andover3:09:43
Castagna, Caitlin41Andover3:34:56
Ciaccio, Danielle45Andover4:23:29
Cronin, Amy43Andover5:17:26
Cummings, Andrew31Andover3:38:15
Cummings, Louise63Andover5:20:48
Cyrier, Gia44Andover3:36:10
Defusco, Eliza35Andover4:48:21
Dennehy, Mark55Andover5:32:09
Dolan, Thomas55Andover3:01:28
Dunne, James43Andover5:44:06
Falk, Jonathan51Andover4:27:50
Hamilton, John65Andover3:38:57
Heilbronn, Olivia19Andover3:48:33
Ivory, Terrell42Andover5:19:57
Jin, Shuang47Andover3:48:12
Johnson, Sharon66Andover3:38:36
Joshi, Makarand52Andover5:18:24
Kiesz, Matthew37Andover2:38:23
Koh, Daniel38Andover3:06:31
Kooken, John22Andover4:09:48
Kwon, Courtney40Andover3:42:03
Lebowitz, Jacob30Andover3:38:27
Licata, Hayley24Andover4:13:13
Liu, Timothy33Andover5:36:48
Macero, Suzanne50Andover3:40:55
Manuel, Molly26Andover4:45:17
Murphy Flood, Megan45Andover5:14:04
Plouffe, Stephen37Andover2:53:56
Qian, Hui53Andover3:37:07
Ramani, Mouli53Andover5:06:59
Roche, Victoria24Andover4:36:40
Small, Jeffery46Andover4:26:20
Szendey, Andrew63Andover4:31:51
Szendey, Maura63Andover4:12:13
Vernaglia, Aj27Andover4:36:16
Wilcoxen, Annie49Andover3:47:14
Woodward, George68Andover4:59:06
Zhou, Xiaotong52Andover3:50:29
Source: B.A.A.

Photo: Dave Copeland/Andover News

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