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Presidents’ Day will be observed on Monday, Feb. 20 this year. Here’s a list of what’s open and closed in Andover on the holiday.


Local, state and federal government offices: Closed.
Schools: Closed.
Memorial Hall Library: Closed.
Robb Center: Closed
Mail: Post offices closed, express delivery only.
Trash and recycling collection: Delayed one day (Monday collection on Tuesday, Tuesday collection on Wednesday, etc.).
MBTA: Subways, buses, The Ride on Saturday schedule. Commuter rail, commuter boats on weekday schedule. More info: 617-222-3200.
Stock market: Closed.


Grocery stores: Open.
Retail stores: Open at owners’ discretion.
Liquor stores: Open.
Cannabis dispensaries: Open.
Convenience stores: Open.
Taverns, bars: Open at owners’ discretion.
Banks: Closed.

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