St. John’s Prep in Danvers bid farewell to 272 graduates at its commencement ceremony Saturday, including 15 students from Andover.

The Andover residents who were recognized at the school’s 113th commencement were:

  • Xavier Leonard Langley Blais
  • Brody Chaiyarat Candela
  • Thomas James Dankert
  • Nicholas David Fietze
  • Daniel S. Greene
  • Cole Joseph Hosmer
  • Rawson W. Iwanicki
  • Michael Elias Nabbout
  • Rohan Raisingani
  • Jack Michael Sewall
  • Aidan Thomas Sheehy
  • Parker Kennedy Sherlock
  • Charles James Magauran Smith
  • Jason Nicholas Stellakis
  • Colin Patrick Vaughan

In his valedictory address, Jonathan R. Rodriguez of Lawrence, the son of a father who moved from Puerto Rico and a mother who moved from the Dominican Republic, urged graduates to shape their future in a manner that pays tribute to and creates avenues for both those who got them to this point, and those who will follow.

“None of us is here graduating today solely because we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps,” he said. “To one degree or another, we have all received instruction from a teacher or mentor. A handshake that communicated something greater than a mere greeting. We have received financial as well as moral support, indescribable love, and a much longer list that I will let each of you fill in for yourselves.”

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