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Among the calls that kept Andover police busy this week, according to the police log:

  • A suspicious activity call that ended up being kids playing with lights on their heads.
  • Three masked men stealing liquor from Elm Street Liquors.
  • Two reports of rims and tires being stolen from cars.

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Call of the Week
Saturday, Feb. 11 at 11:59 pm: Security at River Road hotel wants help removing drunk people from parking lot who were kicked out of building.

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for Feb. 8-15 are listed below. You can also download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log.

Wednesday, Feb. 8

3:08 am: Warrant arrest during motor vehicle stop, Main Street.
11:55 am: Dumpster on Haverhill Street after truck struck bridge. MBTA notified to check bridge.12:54 pm: Suspicious activity, Deerberry Lane.
1:27 pm: Fraud, Chandler Road.
3:01 pm: Detective investigation, River Road.
3:17 am: Caller reports someone rang doorbell at 4 a.m. on Burnham Road.
4:47 pm: Injured cat, dead upon arrival, Woburn Street.
10:28 pm: Three men wearing masks stole several bottles of liquor at Elm Street Liquors on North Main Street.

Thursday, Feb. 9

3:10 am: Man on 911 call – unknown reason, Porter Road.
6:50 am: Woman sleeping in car at Planet Fitness. She was resting and is okay, North Main Street.
9:07 am: Loose dog, Railroad Street.
9:22 am: Woman wants to speak with officer about issue with her father, Pilgrim Drive.
9:51 am: Dead cat, Woburn Street.
10:51 am: Girl left school, Shattuck Road. Student returned to school.
11:38 pm: Loose dog, North Main Street.
11:42 am: Identity fraud, Topping Road.
11:20 pm: Altercation between two men in gym, Riverside Road.

Friday, Feb. 10

7:12 am: Verbal warning for speed, marked lane violation, Chandler Road.
9:45 am: Fraud, Sutherland Street.
10:33 am: Dog bite, North Main Street.
10:59 am: Suspicious activity.
11:29 am: Harassment order violation, Woodview Way. Order has expired.
2:19 pm: Tree, wires and transformer down on Gray Road.
3:49 pm: Well-being check, Lowell Street.
3:55 pm: Erratic operator, Andover Country Club Lane/Canterbury Street.
5:25 pm: Dead turkey causing road hazard on South Main Street.
5:43 pm: Walk-in wants to speak with officer about incident that happened last night on Longwood Drive.
9:39 pm: Eggs thrown at car driving on Lowell Street/North Main Street.
10:30 pm: State Police request use of breathalyzer as theirs is not working, Gould Road.

Saturday, Feb. 11

11:53 am: Report of court order violation, High Street.
12:05 pm: License plate stolen, Lowell Street.
12:51 am: Brush fire, Gould Road/South Main Street.
3:00 pm: Scam, Tewksbury Street.
4:25 pm: Speeding ticket issue, Brookfield Road/Elm Street.
11:02 pm: Juveniles at playground sent on their way.
11:49 pm: Security at River Road hotel wants help removing drunk people from parking lot who were kicked out of building.

Sunday, Feb. 12

12:41 am: River Road hotel request help removing unwanted guest. Guest left voluntarily.
12:56 am: Noise complaint, River Road.
11:11 am: Woman choking, assist ambulance, Union Street.
1:27 pm: Possible identity scam, Chandler Circle.
5:29: Caller heard about 30 gunshots on Main Street. Nothing showing in area.
6:28 pm: Woman reports 14-year-old daughter ran away after argument with father between 10 and 11 this morning. Returned home.
9:35 pm: Mother and daughter in an argument.
9:58 pm: Caller says her son had friends over and one of the kids made comments about being afraid to go home. Child is staying with relative.
10:23 pm: Missing juvenile called from Domino’s Pizza requesting to return home.

Monday, Feb. 13

11:02 am: Suspicious activity, Chandler Road/River Road.
12:08 am: Vehicle broken into at Minuteman Road hotel.
12:30 pm: Suspicious activity at Royal’s, Main Street.
1:31 pm: Larceny, Funari Farm Lane.
1:37 pm: Possible dog issue, Cullen Circle.
3:43 pm: Assist in keeping the peace, Topping Road.
4:33 pm: Suspicious activity, Main Street/Park Street.
6:25 pm: Written warning for speed, Lowell Street.
7:29 pm: Written warning for speed, North Main Street.
10:33 pm: Written warning for speed, North Main Street.

Tuesday, Feb. 14

9:01 am: Woman with prior trespass order standing out front door on North Main Street., Gone upon police arrival.
11:56 am: Possible threats, Beacon Street.
12:34 pm: Well-being check, Main Street.
2:46 pm: Fraud, Lovejoy Road.
3:30 pm: Loose beagle on high street, gone upon arrival.
5:55 pm: Erratic operator, Bypass.
7:10 pm: Caller wants to speak with officer about three boys who keep coming into Main Street business and harassing staff.
8:14 pm: Verbal speed warning, River Road.
10:08 pm: Caller wants to speak with officer about threat from father, Minuteman Road.
10:48 pm: Suspicious activity, Riverside Drive.
11:43 pm: Rims stolen from vehicle, Shattuck Road.

Wednesday, Feb. 15

1:11 am: Assist with removing customer who is refusing to leave, River Road.
6:10 am: Caller reports car took out a few mailboxes. Underground cable box also hit. Vehicle parts on scene, Verizon and Comcast contacted.
7:13 am: Tires and rims stolen, car left on blocks, Haverhill Street.
8:06 am: Man walking around house on Chandler circle. Was a groundskeeper from Andover Country Club trying to fix frozen pipe.
8:16 am: Written warning for school bus violation, Andover Street.
8:53 am: Raccoon brought to rehab in Chelmsford, Countryside Way.
9:43 am: Harassment, Bellevue Road.
12:03 pm: Detective investigation, High Street.
1:46 pm: Stop sign violation, High Street.
1:50 pm: Bartlet Street business owner reports receiving multiple counterfeit $100s over past few weeks.
2:34 pm: Elder services check, Boston Road.
9:23 pm: Caller reports suspicious activity at neighbor’s house on Brechin Terrace. “They have lights on their heads. [Officer] reports this was just kids playing.”

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