Among the calls that kept Andover police busy this week, according to the police log:

  • An irate customer at the Andover Tax Collector’s office.
  • A snake in a basement on Salem Street.
  • A mother whose son was refusing to go to school.

Call of the Week

March 7, 4:47 pm: 911 caller wants to “speak to the Italian police.” No emergency, advised to look for a phone number online.

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for March1-7 are listed below. You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Wednesday, March 1

9:14 am: Threats, Lowell Junction Road.
12:41 pm: Fraud, Railroad Street.
5:57 pm: Well-being check, Lowell Street.

Thursday, March 2

3:07 am: Unoccupied car with doors open at hotel on Minuteman Road. Unable to locate owner.
7:46 am: Mother reports her 15-year-old son is refusing to go to school. Spoke to parents and son, son is on his way to school.
12:28 pm: Harassment, Lowell Street.
12:45 pm: Loose dog, Frontage Road.
2:35 pm: Windshield smashed, Brickstone Square.
2:50 pm: Walk-in turned in firearm to be destroyed, North Main Street.
6:15 pm: Two-car crash with injures, Haverhill Street/High Street.
6:20 pm: Ziplock bag filled with pills found on Railroad Street.
9:47 pm: Elderly woman fell from sidewalk into road, Cuba Street/Shawsheen Road.

Friday, March 3

2:25 pm: Assault, Morton Street.
3:03 pm: Snake in basement on Salem Street.
7:31 pm: Caller reports someone following her home after road rage incident, Shattuck Road. Vehicle not located, no threats made. Other party came to station to speak with officer.
10:36 pm: Assist Wilmington police in trying to locate car involved in a road rage incident.
11:12 pm: One person arrested for operating after suspension and speeding, Minuteman Road.

Saturday, March 4

Log unavailable on Wednesday morning.

Sunday, March 5

4:26 pm: Checked area of Dascomb Road/Frontage street to look for a car that “took off from” Tewksbury police. Unable to locate.
9:36 am: Person “under the influence of something” wandering halls and sleeping on couch on River Road. Man arrested on an outstanding warrant.
9:59 am: Missing person, North Street.
10:37 pm: Dog attacked by two unleashed dogs, Brookfield Road/Rock Ridge Road. No injuries.
11;53 am: Mangy fox in area of Burton Farm Road/Westwind Road.
12:17 pm: 17-year-old girl doesn’t feel comfortable going home, Elm Street.
1:03 pm: Sewage backing up into basement on Elm Street.
2:14 pm: Guests refusing to leave Riverside Drive hotel. Gone upon arrival.
3:00 pm: Car vandalized, Minuteman Road.
4:35 pm: Crash with injury, Lowell Street/Rutgers Road.
5:24 pm: Fraud, Salem Street.
6:38 pm: Fraud, Penobscot Way.
11:05 pm: 911 caller says her keys are locked in car. Told to call AAA or a tow truck company.

Monday, March 6

10:47 am: Animal complaint.
11:40 am: Fraud, Hartford Circle.
1:21 pm: Elder service check.
4:03 pm: Larceny/Theft.
10:32 pm: Crash with injury, Avery Lane/River Road.

Tuesday, March 7

9:44 am: Threats, Dundee Park.
10:50 am: Tax Collector’s office requesting officer for an irate customer who was upset over process to appeal a ticket.
10:54 am: Dog bite, Lovejoy Road.
12:53 pm: Tenant/landlord issue, Dascomb Road.
1:51 pm: Neighbor issue, River Road.
4:47 pm: 911 caller wants to “speak to the Italian police.” No emergency, advised to look for a phone number online.
4:58 pm: Loose dog, Harding Street/High Street.
11:5p am: Dead animal on Reservation Road.

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