The Andover Post Office’s sorting and back-end functions would move to Woburn later this year under a plan proposed by the U.S. Postal Service.

USPS circulated a list of more than 200 post offices in the U.S. that would be consolidated in a cost-cutting measure. Under the plan, post offices in Middleton, North Reading, Tewksbury and Wakefield would also be consolidated under the main post office in Woburn.

“We will close the multitude of annexes around the nation that add cost, transportation and foster inefficient and ad-hoc operations,” postmaster general Louis DeJoy said in a May keynote address to the 2022 National Postal Forum in Phoenix.

Affected post offices would still have retail functions. The biggest impact would be on mail carriers, who would have to go to Woburn to pick up their mail for delivery instead of picking it up at the main branch of the Andover post office.

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One thought on “Andover Post Office One Of 200 On Consolidation List”
  1. So, will the mail carriers have more hours added to their day? Will deliveries be later? Will this really save time and money? DeJoy doesn’t impress me as someone who really has his finger on the pulse of the pursuit of best Post Office practices.

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