There is no bigger expense for a town than salaries, and Andover is no exception: the town paid $122.5 million in salaries in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2022, including $5.9 million in overtime and $9.5 million in other pay.

Near the top of the list in highest paid Andover workers was Town Manager Andrew Flanagan, who earned $239,751 last year, and Andover Public Schools Superintendent Magda Parvey, who earned $216,000 last year, her first as head of the district.

There were actually five employees who earned more than Flanagan in Fiscal Year 2022:

  1. A police lieutenant who earned $261,939 in total compensation.
  2. A police sergeant who earned $261,466 in total compensation.
  3. A police sergeant who earned $258,357 in total compensation.
  4. A deputy fire chief who earned $255,906 in total compensation.
  5. A police lieutenant who earned $247,767 in total compensation.

Unnamed employees are not included in the list below, which shows the 25 highest-paid employees, excluding the unnamed police and fire department employees in the data reviewed by Andover News. The overall rank column shows where the employee ranked out of the town and school district’s more than 360 employees.

Overall RankEmployeeTitleBase PayOvertimeOther PayTotal
6Andrew FlanaganTown Manager$220,403$0$19,349$239,751
10Magda ParveyAPS Superintendent$210,000$0$6,000$216,000
13Janet WrightPT Accountant$125,524$0$74,291$199,815
26Paul HindsWater Treatment Facility Operator$76,130$95,669$7,730$179,530
28Sara StetsonAPS Assistant Superintendent$164,650$0$12,584$177,234
32Dorothy DelorenzooTemporary Secretary$92,151$702$75,917$168,770
33Paul SzymanskiAPS Assistant Superintendent$162,951$0$4,858$167,809
34Caitlin BrownAHS Principal$158,195$0$9,031$167,225
37Christopher CroninDPW Director$156,712$0$5,916$162,628
41Patrick BuccoWood Hill Middle School Principal$151,380$0$9,173$160,554
45Kurt KefferstanWater Treatment Facility Operator$75,764$81,957$1,800$159,521
47William MartinAPS Athletic Director$133,205$0$24,213$157,418
48Kwesi MoodyAHS Assistant Principal$140,305$0$16,296$157,231
50Pamela LathropHigh Plain Elementary Principal$148,016$0$8,420$156,435
52Michelle CostaBancroft Elementary Principal$148,016$0$7,532$155,547
53Paul PuzzangheraChief Information Officer$154,452$0$0$154,452
54Donna WalshFinance Director$154,281$0$12$154,293
56Robin WilsonDoherty Middle School Principal$151,380$0$1,512$152,892
57Timothy CorkeryWest Middle School Principal$151,380$0$1,512$152,892
59Timothy LegrowWater Treatment Facility Operator$75,032$75,719$880$151,632
63Jason DiCarloAPS Director of Elementary Instructional Operations$147,747$0$3,092$150,839
65Aixa Hilario De KelleyAPS Guidance Director$134,994$0$14,560$149,554
66Brenda LeeSouth Elementary Principal$148,016$0$1,496$149,512
67Jennifer HuntWest Elementary Principal$148,016$0$1,496$149,512
68Jessica PorterHuman Resources Director$147,510$0$1,889$149,399

You can explore all salaries for town and school department employees, as well as other financial data, on the town’s Open Finance Website.

School Salaries Biggest Line Item In Andover Budget

Overall, Andover Public Schools had the highest payroll with $81.1 million paid out in compensation last year. That represented 66.2 percent of the town’s total payroll of $122.5 million. Total public safety payroll was $19.4 million, followed by general government at $6.9 million and public works at $3.9 million.

Andover teachers earned an average of $91,748 last year, above the 2022 average of $60,790 for public school teachers in Massachusetts.

But there was a wide range in teachers’ individual salaries, depending on experience, grade level and subjects taught. West Elementary School teachers, for example, earned $106,407, on average, while social studies teachers at Doherty Middle School earned an average of $107,572 last year.

Science teachers were among the highest paid teachers at Andover High School, earning between $101,111 and $114,048. Phys ed, art and music teachers were among the lowest paid educators at the high school, with average salaries of $84,995, $77,196 and $88,167, respectively.

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