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R.I.P., Henrietta.

The turkey that had taken up residence in Shawsheen Village over the past several months was hit and killed by a car Monday, according to Andover Animal Control.

“People continued to feed her regularly; large piles of bird seed and nuts were continuously found along the grassy area on Haverhill Street, it appears as though even people driving by were tossing bagels, donuts and even cans of tuna fish to her from their cars,” Andover Animal Control Officer Katie Kozikowski wrote in a Facebook post. “I picked these up on almost a daily basis. We worked with the Conservation Department to have a camera put in place to catch whoever was continuing to do this, but before we could access the footage, Henrietta had met her demise.”

Last month, Kozikowski had begun urging people to not feed her in hopes of avoiding Monday’s tragedy. The Town moved a lighted sign to the intersection of Haverhill and Lowell Streets reminding people not to feed Henrietta.

Henrietta began clucking around Shawsheen Square in January. At the time, Kozikowski said she received dozens of calls about the bird.

“My best guess is that she was booted from her flock nearby on Frye Circle, and she didn’t go far,” Kozikowski wrote. “And no matter how hard anyone tries to help her to a safer location, she just keeps returning to her beloved intersection to watch the cars go by.”

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