The Andover Select Board’s decision to open a special town meeting warrant means Andover residents have a rapidly-closing window to submit warrant articles for consideration on Nov. 30.

The warrant, which will include an article to cover a $19 million budget shortfall at the West Elementary School building project, closes at 4:30 p.m. on Friday. Anyone who wants to submit a warrant article will need to submit the article and 100 certified signatures from registered Andover voters by that time.

Are you sponsoring a warrant article for the Nov. 30 special town meeting in Andover? Leave a comment on this article explaining your proposal and where/how people can sign your petition.

Proposed warrants and signatures need to be submitted using this form from the town’s Website. The proposed warrant has to be visible to voters signing the petition. More information and instructions for submitting a warrant article are available on the town’s Website.

Photo: Town of Andover

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