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It’s not realistic to expect a $50 million investment will address the facility problems at Andover High School. The classrooms are too small and too few, there are no fire sprinklers in 65% of the building, water leaks through ceilings when it rains, and students are waitlisted for classes they want to take.

To stay under $50 million, you cannot fix even the basic facility problems because you cannot bring the building up to current code for ADA accessibility, fire safety and energy efficiency. Making this non-compliance a goal, either stated or implicit, is a liability. It is also the wrong thing to do.

At November 20th’s special town meeting, article 7B seeks $500,000 to find a $50 million solution to the problems at Andover High. That process will be unsuccessful, and is a distraction to progress on a true building project that would benefit our community, our property values, and our students.

Instead, we will be supporting Article 7A, which allocates $1.3 million of existing free cash, at no additional cost to taxpayers, to complete the design of a new Andover High. Yes, a new high school is bound to be expensive, but it is a more responsible investment than burning $50 million on a band-aid with very little educational value.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a $50 million “interim” plan does more than kick-the-can down the road, bringing a more expensive problem under more dire circumstances to future taxpayers, while failing a whole next generation of Andover students.

Rosemary Halloran and Alan Harris
Haggetts Pond Road

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