File photo: Andover Public Schools

The Andover School Committee unanimously approved a budget that could cut up to 34 full-time positions.

The school committee said the cuts were necessary to close a $2.7 million budget gap that was caused, in part, by raises given to teachers and instructional assistants following a three-day strike in November. Andover Education Association, the union representing teachers and instructional assistants, had opposed the budget.

The budget will get final approval from Annual Town Meeting on April 30.

The actual number of layoffs and which positions will be eliminated will be dependent on retirements and resignations in the coming months, Superintendent Magda Parvey told the school committee.

“It’s not something we can say…today – who’s going to necessarily be cut or retained, because people make decisions and life choices that do impact somebody else’s position in the district,” she said, adding final decisions would be made within deadlines set by its collective bargaining agreement with AEA.

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