APS Superintendent Magda Parvey. File photo.

Andover Public Schools students will be in class until June 14 this year — assuming the district doesn’t have to cancel any more school days this year.

State regulations require public schools to complete the school year no later than June 30. The district builds five school days into the calendar. This month’s Andover Education Association strike ate up three of those snow days. The district also canceled school on Sept. 11 after a microburst knocked out power to much of the Town for several days.

“We’ve done all of this before we’ve had a snowflake hit the ground,” Superintendent Magda Parvey told the school committee Thursday. “I just wanted to remind everyone of that. And as we do have possible snow days, I will revisit this calendar with everyone to just have everyone be aware of where we are with regard to what our possible last day of school.”

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