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Andover officials released an apology Wednesday after a six-sided, yellow star in a presentation at Monday’s special town meeting.

“We understand that, while unintentional, the use of the six-pointed star was offensive and hurtful,” the statement, which was attributed to Town Manager Andrew Flanagan and Finance Committee Chair Paula Colby-Clements, said. “As public officials, we have the obligation to understand the power of images, what they represent, and the impact they have on members of our community. Our commitment to building a community where people feel both safe and accepted is unwavering.”

The statement did not say which presentation the symbol was used in.

Nazis forced Jewish people to wear a yellow star, often inscribed with the word “Jew,” following the German Occupation of Poland in 1939. Prior to World War II, the symbol was used as a symbol of communal identity in the Jewish faith.

Flanagan and Colby-Clements said Andover would have a “ccommunitymmunity conversation about how we can support our neighbors, and work together to create a more just, equitable, and safe community for all who call Andover home.”

Correction: A previous version of this story misused “I accepted” in place of “accepted.” Andover News deeply regrets the error.

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