selective focus of frozen tree twigs

Andover Public Schools were scheduled to be open Friday as of late Friday afternoon, but some other Massachusetts districts — including Boston — had already canceled classes as a brutal cold snap moved into the region.

There is a wind-chill warning in effect from 3 a.m. Friday until 1 p.m. Saturday, as “feels like” temperature could drop to as low as -35. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency warned frost bite can occur in as little as 10 minutes of outdoor exposure under those conditions.

The worst of the cold is expected Friday night and Saturday morning, and Andover officials said they were monitoring the situation monitoring the situation.

Deputy Town Manager Michael Lindstrom said on Friday morning the town does not currently have plans to open a warming center, “although we will keep our eye on conditions and be prepared to open in the event there are large-scale power outages in Andover.”

APS Stresses Caution, Preps For Transportation Woes

In a note to families Thursday, Superintendent Magda Parvey asked parents to drive kids to and from school, or to consider carpooling. The district’s bus companies have called in extra staff to prep buses and get them warmed up early Friday morning.

Drivers are being asked to pick up any students they see walking to school. Students will not be marked late because of delayed arrivals.

“We ask all families to please plan accordingly, use caution, and dress students properly for this extreme weather,” Parvey said.

Andover Animal Control: Protect Your Pets

“The majority of our pets are not bred to be out in this cold weather for long, or even short, periods,” Andover Animal Control said in a Facebook post Friday morning. Animal Control offered the following tips to keep pets safe:

  • Keep outdoor cats inside.
  • Dogs should not be out for longer than 15 minutes during a weather advisory – quick bathroom trips are all they need!
  • Do not leave pets unattended outdoors.
  • Consider shorter walks. Keep an eye on pets’ paws or consider doggy shoes as a form of protection from the cold.
  • Short haired dogs can benefit from jackets.
  • If you are caring for feral cats, find out about DIY outdoor cat shelters to offer protection from the elements.
  • Before turning on your car, bang on the hood to scare away any animals that may have crawled under looking for warmth.