Andover Coalition for Education reached $1 million in grants awarded to Andover Public Schools since its November 2005 founding.

“This is a huge accomplishment for ACE,” Board President Lauren Kushman said. “Our focus has been on funding innovation in our schools, and we are so proud of the programs we have helped launch over the years.”

ACE awards grants for projects that help students “in developing innovative, creative, and global problem-solving skills.” The group originally formed over concerns about the gap between the school district’s budget and the programs it could offer.

“ACE has worked strategically to fund district grants that will impact every student at some point during their school years in Andover,” Kushman said.

Superintendent Magda Parvey said ACE has funded a wide range of programs, including visiting artists, engineering and literacy grants. “Our teachers have also benefitted from ACE’s Teaching Innovation Fund, which allows educators to apply for individual grants to enhance learning in their classroom,” Parvey said.

Courtesy photo, Andover Coalition for Education

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