Andover received $500,000 in state funding from the $41 million Merrimack Valley Renewal Fund to install a rooftop solar system at the Henry C. Sanborn Elementary School.

The town will pay $400,000 for the 300 kilowatt solar system, which will produce twice the amount of electricity the school currently uses. Consultants said the school is ideal for a solar system when the roof was replaced and insulation was added last year.

“This is a great day for Andover. The Merrimack Valley Renewal funding will go a long way towards meeting the State’s net-zero by 2050 goals and making Andover more sustainable,” Town Manager Andrew Flanagan said in a news release. “I can foresee this project being used as a template for how older public buildings can be successfully retrofitted with 100% all-electric and carbon neutral systems.”

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