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Among the calls that kept Andover police busy in recent weeks, according to the police log:

  • An overloaded trash truck spilling its contents.
  • An issue with a caller’s “soon to be ex-wife,” as well as a “highly intoxicated…acting inappropriately.”
  • Request for a well-being check of student employee who posted a “concerning comment” online.

Call of the Week

Sunday, April 23, 8:59 pm: Son requesting well-being check of father on North Main Street. Father had gone to bed early.

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for April 19-25 are listed below. Some entries have been updated since publication to include additional details from Andover Police Lt. Edward Guy. Those comments are in bold.

You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Wednesday, April 19

2:33 am: Someone yelling for help, North Main Street. Elderly man had fallen and been on ground for at least four hours. Ambulance called.
8:59 am: Identity fraud, Prospect Road.
10:46 am: Unwanted guest, River Road.
11:52 am: Fraud.
11:59 am: Assisting Wilmington with bird, Adelaide Street.
12:20 pm: Injured squirrel, North Main Street.
2:01 pm: Landscaper turned in bullet found on Central Street.3:30 pm: Harassment, Tech Drive.
3:50 pm: Elder Service check, Stowe Court.
4:30 pm: Two-year-old boy having seizure, Linda Road.
4:51 pm: Bed on Interstate 495. State police notified.
4:57 pm: Overloaded trash truck spilling things on South Main Street/West Knoll Road.
6:09 pm: Purse found at Memorial Hall Library, North Main Street.

Thursday, April 20

1:38 pm: Noise complaint, South Main Street. Cleaning crew in kitchen.
8:09 am: Identity fraud, Kathleen Drive.
10:45 am: Caller reports her house is being threatened to be sold, Wedgewood Drive.
11:54 am: Identity theft, Lowell Street.
12:59 pm: Ongoing neighbor issue/harassment, Crescent Drive.
4:47 pm: Identity theft, Sugarbush Lane.
5:40 pm: Unemployment scam, Farwood Drive.
6:12 pm: Ongoing issue, Hampton Lane.
9:02 pm: Suspicious activity, Andover Country Club Lane.
10:59 pm: Large tree blocking Harold Parker Road. Tree Department notified.

Friday, April 21

10:49 am: Detective investigation, River Road.
11:18 am: Guest refusing to leave River Road hotel. Gone upon police arrival.
3:53 pm: Man walking in middle of Jenkins Road.
4:15 pm: Crash with injury, airbag deployment, Andover Street/Dascomb Road.
6:36 pm: Caller wants to speak with officer about issue with “soon to be ex-wife” and a vehicle title, Essex Street.
10:57 pm: Possible underage drinking, Sugarbush Lane. Small gathering, parents home, no alcohol.
11:00 pm: Caller’s husband is “highly intoxicated and acting inappropriately,” River Road. Police requested taxi to drive the man home to Methuen.

Saturday, April 22

No log available on Wednesday morning.

At least one person was taken to the hospital after a rollover crash on Beacon Street. The crash happened around 10 a.m. near 158 Beacon Street, according to social media reports from Merrimack Valley Stringer.

Sunday, April 23

2:29 am: Trespassing, Dascomb Road.
8:09 am: Package stolen. Package was left by garage door, Highland Road.
10:01 am: Loose collie, River Road.
10:44 am: Dog running through neighborhood, North Street.
11:08 am: Possible house break-in on Torr Street while owner was away.
3:10 pm: Crash with injury, Red Spring Road.
3:53 pm: Loose dog returned home, Porter Road.
6:26 pm: Fraud, High Street.
8:59 pm: Son requesting well-being check of father on North Main Street. Father had gone to bed early.

Monday, April 24

12:59 am: Noise complaint, Tewksbury Street.
11:50 am: Larceny from vehicle, River Road.
2:13 pm: “Assisting with cat,” Topping Road.
3:14 pm: Identity theft, Eagle Way.
3:22 pm: Funds missing during audit, Chestnut Circle. “The…incident is currently an active investigation regarding missing funds for several occupants of a group home located at 94 Chestnut Court,” Guy said. “The missing money is over $5,000.”
3:48 pm: Fraud, North Main Street.
4:05 pm: Assault, Greenwood Road/Lowell Street.
7:06 am: Well-being check of 83-year-old man, Abbot Bridge Drive.
7:35 pm: Erratic operator, Bypass Road/Gould Road.
7:48 pm: Well-being check, Essex Street.
8:28 pm: Erratic operator, North Main Street/Pearson Street.
11:22 pm: Loose beagle, Harding Street.

Tuesday, April 25

7:40 am: Crash with injury, River Road.
7:58 am: Hit-and-run crash, no injuries, Andover Street/Clark Road.
10:16 am: “Large trash items” left in parking lot.
11:09 am: Multi-car crash with injury, Jenkins Road.
11:25 am: Rooftop unit caught fire, burned worker’s face. OSHA notified, Chandler Road. “It appears some oil within the unit had ignited and the worker suffered non-life threating injuries and was transported to Lawrence General Hospital,” Guy said.
12:15 pm: Crash with injury, Lowell Street.
1:05 pm: YMCA requests well-being check of student employee who posted a “concerning comment” online, River Road. “YMCA Staff had notified the APD regarding a student who had posted a concerning message about some mental health issues,” Guy said. “APD checked in on the student about their well-being.” 
1:43 pm: Student took off from school on Shattuck Road. Staff is all set, no service needed.
2:02 pm: Kids on dirt bikes weaving in and out of traffic. Both cited. North Street/River Road.
2:37 pm: Harassment, Essex Street.
3:44 pm: Theft at Dig Right, Lowell Junction Road.
5:04 am: Request to speak to officer about ongoing issue, High Street.
9:07 pm: Noise complaint at hotel on Minuteman Road.
9:30 pm: Man slumped over in vehicle on Haverhill Street. Call reports “he has moved around a little at times.”

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