Among the calls that kept Andover police busy in recent weeks, according to the police log:

  • “Verbally aggressive” guests refusing to leave a hotel on Tech Drive.
  • A woman bitten by a cat in her driveway.
  • Multiple reports of cars vandalized with paint and paintballs.

Call of the Week

Wednesday, April 5, 8:31 pm: Caller says 14-15 people with head-mounted flashlights that appeared to have militia gear on in dog park. “This was a group of Cub Scouts.”

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for April 4-5 are listed below. You can download a PDF files of the complete, unedited logs (April 5-11, April 12-18) and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Wednesday, April 5

8:39 am: Hit-and-run, Main Street.
9:17 am: Identity fraud, North Main Street.
9:27 am: Injured raccoon, Buttonwood Drive.
11:04 am: Student threatened to kill teacher, Shawsheen Road.
1:26 pm: Man laying on ground, screaming. Gone upon arrival, Campanelli Drive.
1:31 pm: Minuteman Road business wants police officer present when they fire employee.
3:31 pm: School needs assistance with student refusing to leave with parent, South Main Street.
3:32 pm: Unwanted guest, North main Street.
3:35 pm: Fisher cat in pool equipment storage area, Shandel Circle.
7:14 pm: Well-being check, Main Street.
7:22 pm: Fraud, Cardinal Lane.
8:31 pm: Caller says 14-15 people with head-mounted flashlights that appeared to have militia gear on in dog park. “This was a group of Cub Scouts.”

Thursday, April 6

1:28 am: Caller reporting a threatening Snapchat message involving a student at Andover High School.
5:53 am: Deer hit by car, ran into woods, Hansom Road/Lovejoy Road.
6:55 am: Stolen package, Shattuck Road.
7:37 am: Loose dog on Elm Street, owner notified.
10:16 am: Dog bite, High Street.
10:16 am: Man looking in school windows, Woburn Street.
11:33 am: Man jumping on moving vehicles, unable to locate, Haverhill Street.
6:55 pm: Unwanted guest, Brookfield Road.
10:45 pm: Suspicious activity, Andover Street.
10:53 pm: Disorderly person/disturbance, North Main Street.

Friday, April 7

2:10 am: Suspicious activity, River Road.
7:46 am: Caller wants help getting child to school, Elysian Drive.
1:33 pm: Fraud, Main Street.
3:57 pm: Identity theft, Dawn Circle.

Saturday, April 8

1:10 pm: Fraud, Cherrywood Circle.
4:59 pm: Well-being check, Campanelli Drive.
9:37 pm: 911 caller reporting a bad ride in a Lyft, Colonial Drive.
10:10 pm: Suspicious activity, Bulfinch Drive.
10:39 pm: Suspicious activity, River Road.
11:32 am: Unwanted guest escorted off property, Elm Street.

Sunday, April 9

12:44 am: Resident concerned about 18-year-old daughter who was just dropped off by a man on Brookfield Drive. “They have no idea who she’s been seeing.” Daughter ringing doorbell.
1:37 am: Daughter knocking on door at Brookfield Drive. They want her removed from property. Daughter taken to nearby hotel.
2:51 am: Noise complaint at River Road hotel. Guests playing loud music and smoking, refusing to leave.
9:21 am: Guests refusing to leave Tech Drive hotel and being verbally aggressive.
5:36 pm: Noise complaint, Lowell Street.
6:46 pm: Hit-and-run, Bulfinch Drive.

Monday, April 10

4:36 am: Well-being check, School Street.
5:24 pm: Woman reports a man she knows is “acting crazy” at River Road hotel. Front desk not aware of any issues and do not have a room 130. Checked all floors, no one located in hallway.
8:07 am: Suspicious activity, Dartmouth Road.
8:18 am: Well-being check, Hampshire Street. Student transported to school in Methuen.
10:15 am: Dog off leash, Boardwalk Drive.
11:21 am: Injured turkey, Campanelli Drive.
2:07 pm: Brush fire, Partridge Hill Road.
5:30 pm: Computers and printers found on Andover Street property.
6:06 pm: Walk-in wants to speak to officer about employee they fired, Riverside Drive.
7:35 pm: Woman bitten by cat in her driveway on Dale Street.
9:31 pm: Woman having seizure, North Street/River Road.

Tuesday, April 11

12:36 am: Suspicious activity, Mckenney Circle/Topping Road.
8:58 am: Hit-and-run into mailbox, granite post, trash barrels, Porter Road.
10:10 am: Identity fraud, Sheridan Road.
12:15 pm: Man trying to cash a modified check for $4,800, Elm Street.
12:58 pm: Fraud, Main Street.
3:31 pm: Suspicious activity, Applecrest Road.
7:07 pm: Suspicious activity, Bartlet Street.
10:01 pm: Kids playing basketball, spoken to and sent on their way, Central Street.
11:19 pm: Missing 87-year-old woman with dementia, only wearing underwear, River Road.

Wednesday, April 12

8:20 am: Man following woman around gym and then followed her to her car, North Main Street
11:50 am: Unruly passenger on train, Andover Street.
12:36 am: Bag of paraphernalia found in ceiling tile, Bulfinch Drive.
2:23 pm: Detective investigation, North Main Street.
4:40 pm: Warrant arrest at crash on River Road.
6:16 pm: Noise complaint, South Street.
7:15 pm: Unemployment fraud, Shattuck Road.
8:50 pm: Man refusing to leave apartment, Railroad Street..

Thursday, April 13

8:22 am: Juvenile incident, Shawsheen Road.
10:14 am: Fraud, Bartlet Street.10:58 am: Person sleeping car, North Main Street.
11:32 am: Identity fraud, South Main Street.
11:42 am: Woman fell down on sidewalk, Locke Street/Main Street.
12:54 pm: Threats, North Main Street.
4:00 pm: Vehicle vandalism, Beacon Street.
4:24 pm: School bus hit mailbox on Wildwood Drive.
5:21 pm: Two-car crash with personal injury, Route 495/North Main Street.
5:55 pm: Past car crash with pedestrian, personal injury, Central Street/North Main Street.
7:52 pm: Crash with pedestrian, injury, Main Street.
8:34 pm: Elderly woman not responding, Minuteman Road.
9:16 pm: Threats, Bartlet Street.

Friday, April 14

9:45 am: Larceny, North Main Street.
11:25 am: Student made threat, Shawsheen Road.
12:20 pm: Fraud, Nicoll Drive.
2:17 am: Woman reports her daughter is being harassed at school.
2:20 pm: Fraud, North Main Street.
2:27 am: Girl ran away from West Middle School. Staff reported they have the child back at school.
2:49 pm: Identity fraud, Brookside Drive.
4:13 pm: Mulch fire, Jillian Way.
4:28 pm: Kids on tracks, Railroad Street.
8:21 pm: Car struck by paintball, Central Street/Chestnut Street.
8:33 pm: Caller reports a car is following her, River Road/Winchester Drive.
10:43 pm: Erratic driver, South Main Street.

Saturday, April 15

12:06 am: Noise complaint, Dascomb Road.
12:26 pm: Car vandalized, River Road.2:10 pm: Car paintballed on Main Street.
6:48 pm: Possible custody issue, Lucerne Drive.
8:08 pm: Caller reports hearing nine or ten gunshots on Burnham Road. Believed to be fireworks.
8:13 pm: Well-being check, Waverly Drive.
10:41 am: Several cars hit with paint on Bartlet Street/Chestnut Street.

Sunday, April 16

1:41-1:59 am: Seven vehicles vandalized with paint on Summer Street, Washington Avenue, Chestnut Street and Eastman Road.
1:27 pm: Taxi driver reports dropping off a woman confused about her destination, North Main Street.
5:39 pm: Well-being check, Colonial Drive.
10:19 pm: Men playing basketball, smashing toys and yelling at caller. Police spoke with men and sent them home.
10:42 pm: Suspicious activity, Chandler Road.

Monday, April 17

4:17 am: Noise complaint, Spring Valley Drive.
4:58 am: Glass door smashed with rock, Minuteman Road.
3:34 pm: Baby fox hit by car, Shattuck Road.
3:54 pm: Suspicious activity, Stouffer Circle.
4:54 pm: Fight at Lowell Street apartment complex. Parties gone upon police arrival.
5:05 pm: Liquor check/violation, Elm Street.
5:37 pm: Woman with knife in apartment on Minuteman Road. No knife, police spoke to both parties.
9:20 pm: Drunk guest in bar at hotel on River Road.

Tuesday, April 18

8″01 am: Bag with money and personal items stolen from car on Minuteman Road.
8:10 am: Woman reports scam she has been dealing with for two years, Bulfinch Drive.
9:34 am: High Street resident reports receiving suspicious letters.
11:27 am: Jewelry stolen, North Main Street.

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