Among the calls that kept Andover police busy this week, according to the police log:

  • Suspected prostitution at a River Road hotel.
  • Teens shooting fireworks at geese on Woburn Street.
  • A driver who drove off the road after spilling coffee on themselves.

Call of the Week

Monday, April 3, 10:02 pm: Caller reports someone sitting in their driveway on Chestnut Drive. It was their father.

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for March 29-April 4 are listed below. You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Wednesday, March 29

7:16 am: Erratic drive, Lowell Street.
7:23 am: Owner of Star Nails Salon on Main Street wants to speak with an officer about a drunk man who was hanging around yesterday. She was concerned he may return.
8:39 am: Car drove on Sunset Rock Road lawn overnight.
9:12 am: Suspicious man at Crestwood Drive bus stop.
12:42 pm: Possible fraud, Brookside Drive.
12:58 pm: Well-being check, Dascomb Road.
3:10 pm: “I will get you” written in what is believed to be blood on Shattuck Road.
5:25 pm: Neighbor dispute, Argyle Street.
7:14 pm: Erratic driver, South Main Street.

Thursday, March 30

10:42 am: Elderly man fell down stairs on Chapel Avenue.
11:08 pm: Principal reporting incident at Wood Hill Middle School.
11:45 am: Identity theft, Chestnut Street.
1:17 pm: Identity fraud, Winchester Drive.
2:57 pm: Elderly person fell onto North Main Street.

Friday, March 31

7:24 am: Large sinkhole on Main at Central Street.
8:32 am: School bus with 16 students on board in minor crash on Andover Street. No injuries.
10:11 am: Injured bird, Penbrook Circle.
10:50 am: Pedestrian injured by vehicle parking on North Main Street.
4:02 pm: Crosswalk lights not working on River Road/Shattuck Road. Caller has been waiting 15 minutes to cross street.
7:16 pm: Man operating after license suspension taken into custody, High Plain Road.
11:04 pm: Large fight on Elm Street. Parties gone upon arrival.

Saturday, April 1

12:57 am: Disorderly person/disturbance, Elm Street.
7:49 am: Vehicle stuck in embankment on Bulfinch Drive.
8:12 am: Unemployment fraud, Woodview Way.
12:37 pm: Well-being check, Minuteman Road.
4:00 pm: Erratic operator, River Road.
7:01 pm: Disorderly person/disturbance, Elm Street.
8:27 pm: Problem on second floor of River Road hotel.
9:18 pm: Woman says someone is banging on her door at a Minuteman Road hotel.
9:42 pm: Car got egged on Andover Street.
10:31 pm: Man tried handle of front door on Chestnut Street.

Sunday, April 2

8:12 am: Car drove off Interstate 93, took exit 39 and pulled into Mobil station. Driver had spilled coffee on themselves.
4:10 pm: Threats, Elm Street.
6:41 am: Ambulance assist for a woman with vertigo on River Road. Taken to Lawrence General Hospital.

Monday, April 3

12:11 am: Text message threats, Memorial Circle.
2:26 am: Assist State Police with motor vehicle fire on Interstate 93.
11:00 am: Illegal dumping, Minuteman Road.
12:43 pm: Unemployment scam, Osgood Street.
2:11 pm: Detective investigation, North Main Street.
2:37 pm: Turkey with possible broken leg on New England Business Center Drive. Turkey is okay.
3:38 pm: Unwanted guest at River Road hotel. Gone upon arrival.
4:22 pm: Suspicious activity, Regency Ridge.
6:05 pm: Advice given to caller about an ongoing issue, Hampton Lane.
6:51 pm: Teens shooting fireworks at geese on Woburn Street. Parents will handle.
8:10 pm: Aggressive raccoon, Cardinal Lane.
10:02 pm: Caller reports someone sitting in their driveway on Chestnut Drive. It was their father.
10:59 pm: Threats, Locke Street.
11:31 pm: Advice given to person about ongoing issue, Hampton Lane.

Tuesday, April 4

8:45 am: Crash with injury, Blood Road/Dascomb Road.
11:46 am: Computer equipment stolen, Shattuck Road.
12:23 pm: Human resources at a Federal Street business wants to speak with an officer about an employee.
1:36 pm: Possible identity theft, Lowell Street.
1:38 pm: Anonymous caller reporting possible prostitution on the second floor of a River Road hotel.
3:23 pm: Injured goose, flew away on Crenshaw Lane.
4:05 pm: Possible bank account fraud, Haverhill Street.
4:36 pm: Dean from Federal Street school reports a student found a note on her car. She believes the author watched her for a couple of hours.
5:48 pm: Erratic operator, Elm Street/Shipman Road.
8:36 pm: Harassment, Douglas Lane.

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