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Sunday, Jan. 28, 8:07 pm: Caller worried about broken windows and open door on Lowell Street. “No break, windows were open due to burnt food.”

That and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for Jan. 26 and Feb. 1 are listed below. Some entries may be updated after publication to include additional details from Andover Police Lt. Edward Guy. Those comments will be in bold.

You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Friday, Jan. 26

No log available when Andover News checked on Friday, Feb. 2.

Saturday, Jan. 27

No reported speeding stops.
8:32 am: Property damage at River Road hotel.
9:12 am: Caller wants to speak about being cut off by fire department’s ambulance on North Main Street.
9:54 am: Unwanted guest, River Road.
3:03 pm: Young boy sitting near railroad tracks. Gone upon arrival.

Sunday, Jan. 28

1 speeding stop.
2:46 am: Noise complaint, River Road.
7:26 am: Crash into pole with injury, Chestnut Street.
8:44 am: Theft, River Road
8:07 pm: Caller worried about broken windows and open door on Lowell Street. “No break, windows were open due to burnt food.”

Monday, Jan. 29

4 speeding stops.
8:23 am: Well-being check, Lovejoy Road.
12:44 pm: Masked man trying to enter house when no one was home. It was a mail carrier trying to deliver certified mail.
6:03 pm: Crash with injuries, Haverhill Street.
6:45 pm: Caller being blackmailed by someone threatening to send indecent pictures to their family, Lowell Street.

Tuesday, Jan. 30

3 speeding stops.
7:43 am: Breaking & entering, Bulfinch Drive.
7:15 pm: Noise complaint.
9:22 pm: Chimney fire, Pine Street.

Wednesday, Jan. 31

10 speeding stops.
6:36 am: Protesters at Raytheon, Lowell Street.
11:13 Black van driving up and down Tech Drive. Shooting a promotional video in west Andover.
11:31 am: Loose dog, Whispering Pines Drive. Dog returned to owner.
2:48 pm: Purse stolen. Incident happened in Malden, advised to contact police there.
6:17 pm: Well-being check, McKenney Circle

Thursday, Feb. 1

7 speeding stops.
6:47 am: Man wants brother removed from house as mother doesn;t want him there, Chester Street. Gone upon arrival.
7:54 am: Brother back at Chester Street residence. Man says he is not returning. Officers remaining on scene while mother prepares to go to court to get a restraining order.
8:36 am: Caller is fighting with another driver on Main Street and “wants someone to come before he does something.”
9:04 am: Suspicious person, Whittier Court.
3:41 pm: 59-year-old man assaulted another resident, Stevens Street.4:15 pm: Crash with injuries, Haverhill and North Main Streets.
9:12 pm: Harassment, Elm Street.

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