Among the calls that kept Andover police busy this week, according to the police log:

  • A hit-and-run on a bicyclist.
  • Two missing person reports.
  • An unruly customer who was verbally trespassed.

Call of the Week

Friday, May 19, 8:39 pm: “Overweight male hiding in bush…A misunderstanding,” Railroad Street.

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for May 10-16 are listed below. Some entries may be updated after publication to include additional details from Andover Police Lt. Edward Guy. Those comments will be in bold.

You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Wednesday, May 17

10:26 pm: Unwanted guest, Executive Place.
3:53 pm: Bicyclist down, Beacon Street/Robert Drive. Biker was just resting.
4:20 pm: Well-being check, Wolcott Avenue.
4:28 pm: Report of past assault, Shattuck Road.
5:52 pm: Mailbox vandalism, Gould Road.
8:35 pm: Daughter has not returned home in 36 hours,. Found walking on Chestnut Street.

Thursday, May 18

3:22 am: Verbal argument, Balmoral Street. Gone upon arrival.
8:55 am: Man in 60’s walking around Donna Road, seems disoriented. All set inside home with friend.
9:35 am: Unruly customer, Bartlet Street. Man was verbally trespassed.
10:47 am: Possible multiple break-in to house under renovation on Cheever Circle.
11:06 am: Caller says her ex-husband stole documents from Arrowwood Lane home.
11:13 am: Well-being check, Lowell Street.
8:21 pm: Car clipped bicyclist and drove away, Lowell Street. Bicyclist is okay, just shaken up.
9:57 pm: Noise complaint, South Main Street.

Friday, May 19

1:25 am: Disorderly person, Mercury Circle.
8:10 pm: Illegal dumping, Minuteman Road.
9:04 am: Check fraud, Haggetts Pond Road.
10:55 am: Abandoned bicycles, Chandler Road.
11:46 am: Neighbor complaint, Chestnut Circle.
3:36 pm: Dead deer, Dascomb Road.
4:16 pm: Two-car crash with injury, Balmoral Street.
5:44 pm: Fraud, Brookside Drive.
8:39 pm: “Overweight male hiding in bush…A misunderstanding,” Railroad Street.

Saturday, May 20

12:54 am: Suspicious activity, River Road.
7:06 am: Vandalism, Main Street.
8:56 am: Well-being check, Cassimere Street.
1:42 pm: Disorderly person, North Main Street.
2:20 pm: Domestic.
3:16 pm: Suspicious activity, Chandler Road/Ledge Road.
4:35 pm: Erratic operator, Argyle Street.
6:48 pm: Threats, Shattuck Road.
9:11 pm: Suspicious activity, Wildwood Road.
10:17 pm: Suspicious activity, Haverhill Street.

Sunday, May 21

4:13 am: 75-year-old man with dementia left house. Found on Railroad and Essex Streets and returned home.
11:27 am: Woman wants officer present for custody exchange, North Main Street.
1:18 pm: Threats, Windsor Street.
2:08 pm: Crash with injury, Balmoral Street/North Main Street.
3:58: Trespassing, Frontage Road. They were family members of an employee.
3:58 pm: Road range incident with person known to caller, River Road. Caller was also concerned he was being followed.
5:12 pm: Husband with Alzheimer’s is confused and won’t give wife keys to apartment, Francis Drive.
6:01 pm: Officer standing by for custody exchange, Dale Street.
6:31 pm: No Parking signs removed on Dale Street.
7:15 pm: Guest being belligerent in lobby of River Road hotel.
7:18 pm: Caller reports someone trying to break into their apartment, Memorial Circle.
8:32 pm: Ongoing neighbor issue, Argyle Street.
9:06 pm: Kids riding bikes and making lots of noise on Chestnut Circle. Gone upon arrival.
9:34 pm: Cars racing up and down Moraine Street and in high school parking lot. Gone upon arrival.

Monday, May 22

6:27 am: Protest at Pfizer, Burtt Road.
10:59 am: Dog complaint, Birch Road.
11:05 am: Assault, River Road.
12:01 pm: Limping black lab, Corbett Street/Juliette Street.
12:33 pm: Ducks near road, Lowell Street.
12:56 pm: Two car crash with injury, Haverhill Street/North Main Street.
1:24 pm: Dog complaint, Launching Road.
4:45 pm: Mother reports son pushed earlier on Chestnut Street.
4:51 pm: Identity fraud, Cedar Road.
5:38 pm: Elderly man who appears to be lost walking around North Main Street. Gone upon arrival.5:47 pm: Report of “strange text,” Stinson Road.
8:34 pm: Well-being check on caller’s daughter, Corbett Street.
8:54 pm: Identity theft, Argilla Road.
11:11 pm: Warrant arrest, Shepley Street/Union Street.

Tuesday, May 23

9:06 am: Unemployment scam, North Main Street.
10:36 am: Well-being check, Lowell Street.
12:22 pm: Report of elderly man who appears upset on Morton Street. Gone upon arrival.
12:56 pm: Dead deer, South Main Street.
1:41 pm: Possible identity fraud, Washington Park Drive.
2:37 pm: Report of past assault, Whittier Court.
3:16 pm: Man reports being chased by large, unleashed dog.
4:17 pm: Man in black Toyota watching kids get off school bus, Beacon Street/Robert Drive. Sped off when approached. Advice given.
9:10 pm: Resident was followed by ex-boyfriend all day, Salem Street.

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