Among the calls that kept Andover police busy this week, according to the police log:

  • More reports of vehicle vandalism.
  • A noisy fundraising party.
  • Kids in a car shooting water guns at a bicyclist on Elm Street.

Call of the Week

Tuesday, May 9, 3:56 pm: Older man seen multiple times watching kids play soccer on Burnham Road. “Officer reports subject is out enjoying the nice weather.”

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for April 19-25 are listed below. Some entries may updated after publication to include additional details from Andover Police Lt. Edward Guy. Those comments will be in bold.

You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Wednesday, May 3

8:28 am: Accidental hold-up alarm, Haverhill Street.
10:34 am: Off-leash dog complaint on River Road. Owner spoken to.
11:01 am: Raccoon problem on Hearthstone Place. Advice given.
2:50 pm: Suspicious car circling neighborhood, Cormiers Way.
4:35 pm: Kids near tracks on North Main Street/Sweeney Court. MBTA notified.
4:59 pm: Fast car pulled into lot on South Main Street, someone got out and was stumbling around. Car pulled over on Route 125 just over the North Reading Lane. One person arrested.
5:04 pm: Possible fraud, Tech Drive.
5:29 pm: Fraud, Judson Road.
9:18 pm: House guest stole prescription medication, Boston Road.
10:04 pm: Car on sidewalk, drive passed out, William Street. One person arrested.

Thursday, May 4

No log available on Wednesday morning.

Friday, May 5

8:00 am: 911 call from elderly woman trying to call India, Andover Country Club Lane. “They will work with her on how to call out of country.”
11:19 am: Man damaged “all of the items,” Riverside Drive. Taken to hospital for psychological evaluation.
2:56 pm: Identity fraud, Marigold Lane.
2:58 pm: Harassment, Dascomb Road.
3:35 pm: Woman who left car in area of Florence and Park Streets to get her hair done said car was gone when she returned. Located on the next street over.
9:11 pm: “Possible loud party,” Shattuck Road. Advised to turn down music for the night.
10:40 pm: Fight involving four people and a knife, South Main Street. Two women taken back to Colonial Drive. Fire Rescue called to Colonial Drive for a woman who fell and hit her head.
10:55 pm: Noise complaint about a children’s birthday party on Dale Street.1
1:24 pm: Woman fell and hit her head, Colonial Drive.

Saturday, May 6

12:20 am: Narcan administered, North Main Street.
9:42 am: Possible restraining order violation, Hampton Lane.
10:17 am: Fraud, Judson Road.
10:32 am: Noise complaint, Dascomb Road.
12:49 pm: Woman who was gone for two months thinks someone may have entered her apartment on Washington Park Drive.
1:19 pm: Two vehicles spray-painted, Shattuck Road.
4:26 pm: Package theft, Main Street.
5:08 pm: Motor vehicle damage, Lowell Street.
5:26 pm: License plate stolen, Walnut Avenue.
6:08 pm: License plates stolen off van, Bulfinch Drive.
8:20 pm: Report of four high school boys stealing canoe from girls’ camp on Abbot Street.
8:20 pm: Identity theft, Exeter Way.
8:45 pm: Dog barking for 30 minutes, Chandler Circle/Westminster Roadway.
11:08 pm: Car hit cat, North Main Street.
11:10 pm: Loud music at Melmark School on River Road. Fundraising party is packing up.
11:23 pm: Upstairs neighbor making noise on Stowe Court.

Sunday, May 7

(Log incomplete on Wednesday morning)
6:08 pm: BOLO issued in Massachusetts for well-being check of mother and son, Colonial Drive.
8:13 pm: Suspicious activity on Chandler Road.

Monday, May 8

3:49 am: Man who was either kicked out of room or had fight with girlfriend is in lobby of a River Road hotel. Woman not answering phone or door for front desk and left before police arrival. No issues, according to man.
6:43 am: Equipment stolen from Executive Place job site over the weekend.
7:53: Couple walking unleashed dog, Stafford Lane/Warwick Circle. Caller concerned about safety of the children in the neighborhood. Unable to locate.
10:48 am: Possible fraud, Main Street.
11:23 am: Warrant arrest during motor vehicle stop on River Road.
11:54 am: manage of Dale Street business reporting incident with an ex-employee.
12:52 pm: Possible fraud, Wolcott Avenue.
1:28 pm: Unemployment fraud, Harding Street.
3:21 pm: Dog bit, Stratford Road.
3:57 pm: Package theft, Brentwood Circle.
4:31 pm: Raccoon acting strange and getting close to people on Phillips Street. Animal went back into woods.
5:06 pm: 11-year-old boy walked away from after school child care program, Haverhill Street.Child found, YMCA notified that mother was coming to get him.
7:52 pm: Four youths in car almost ran bicyclist off Elm Street and shot water guns at him. Plate does not match vehicle. Unable to locate.

Tuesday, May 9

12:37 am: Neighbor yelling for help on Joseph Street. Elderly woman needs help getting up.
9:02 am: Neighbor complaint, Sherry Drive.
9:12 am: Neighbor complaint, Lovejoy Road.
10:39 am: Unemployment scam, Holt Road.
2:52 pm: Juvenile offense, High Plain Road.
3:45 pm: Threats, Pasho Street.
3:56 pm: Older man seen multiple times watching kids play soccer on Burnham Road. “Officer reports subject is out enjoying the nice weather.”
9:58 pm: Mother reports possibly-impaired daughter left Summer Street home. Child returned home while officers on scene.

File photo: Dave Copeland/Andover News

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