Among the calls that kept Andover police busy this week, according to the police log:

  • Two brush fires.
  • An “out of control” woman in a store.
  • A car struck by a golf ball.

Call of the Week

Wednesday, May 10, 10:49 pm: Caller hearing howling animal and thinks it may be injured. “Only thing that can be heard is an owl.”

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for May 10-16 are listed below. Some entries may be updated after publication to include additional details from Andover Police Lt. Edward Guy. Those comments will be in bold.

You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Wednesday, May 10

5:49 am: Trespassing, Bartlet Street.
6:17 pm: News vans gathering on Elm Square. News teams told to mover to Enterprise Bank parking lot.
11:35 am: 70-year-old woman sleeping on Lovejoy Road bench. Initially refused to leave. Left on foot toward Dascomb Road. Gone upon arrival.
1:57 pm: Vandalism, Dascomb Road.
2:17 pm: Men trying to sell electronics out of truck in Shawsheen Plaza.
3:02 pm: Traffic study, Red Spring Road.
3:41 pm: Caller believes car is following her home, Brookfield Road.
3:48 pm: Suspicious activity, Cormiers Way.
4:38 pm: Possible fraud, Main Street.
4:56 pm: Ongoing issue with cars speeding on Webster Street. Advice given.
6:05 pm: Crash with injury, Red Spring Road.
9:48 pm: Two guests refusing to leave North Main Street business. Gone on arrival.
10:49 pm: Caller hearing howling animal and thinks it may be injured. “Only thing that can be heard is an owl.”

Thursday, May 11

12:00 am: Well-being check, Haverhill Street.
7:35 am: Suspicious activity, Lowell Street.
9:10 am: Fraud, Burton Farm Drive.
11:25 am: Neighbor dispute, Essex Street.
1:01 pm: Injured fox, River Road.
2:10 pm: Elderly woman, scam, Main Street.
3:40 pm: Noise complaint, South Main Street.
3:48 pm: Well-being check, Bellevue Road.
5:01 pm: Brush fire, Salem Street.
7:39 pm: Unwanted guest, Chandler Road.
8:00 pm: Woman “out of control” in North Main Street store. “Spoken too, peace restored.”

Friday, May 12

6:38 am: Crash with injury, Dascomb Road/Frontage Road.
7:44 pm: Manager requesting walk-through with officer, Main Street.
9:40 am: Fraud, Carisbrooke Street.
10:10 am: Caller reports neighbor assaulted them, Chestnut Circle.
11:18 am: Past dog complaint, Chestnut Street.
1:55 pm: Clinician texted wrong number, party responded with threats to kill four family members, Strawberry Hill Road.
2:29 pm: Caller has footage of people they believe are “casing” the house, Powers Road.
2:35 pm: Unwanted guest, River Road.
3:19 pm: Caller has concerns about an elderly co-worker operating a motor vehicle, Central Street.
4:06 pm: Car struck by golf ball, Beacon Street.
5:51 pm: Vandalism, High Street.6:50 pm: Bitcoin fraud, Wild Rose Drive.
7:25 pm: Erratic operator, Bypass Road/Prospect Road.
8:05 pm: Well-being check, River Road.

Saturday, May 13

1:29 am: Noise complaint, Bulfinch Drive.
10:23 am: Past breaking and entering, Whittier Street.
12:06 pm: Group of adults playing game with nerf guns on Beacon Street. Officer spoke with group.
12:17 pm: Unemployment scam, Abbot Bridge Drive.
3:03 pm: Brush fire, Dascomb Road.
5:25 pm: Suspicious activity, Main Street.
6:55 pm: Water main break, Beech Circle.
10:25 pm: Vehicle damaged by road work. Traffic cone placed in pothole. Abbot Bridge Drive/Central Street.
11:29 pm: Suspicious activity, Shawsheen Road.

Sunday, May 14

12:46 am: Loud music, Bulfinch Drive.
7:16 am: Gas pump hit, minor damage, Main Street.
8:43 am: Fox in fenced-off area on Bellevue Road.
8:54 am: Package theft, William Street.
11:25 am: Scam, Crescent Drive.
11:36 am: Well-being check, Cassimere Street.
12:01 pm: Unwanted guest, Juliette Street.
5:42 pm: Caller wants well-being check on boyfriend, who was made concerning statements in a text message, Lowell Street.
8:34 pm: Car fire, Bypass Road/Prospect Road.
9:54 pm: Warrant arrest, Central Street.
10:13 pm: Loud music, Shattuck Road.

Monday, May 15

11:43 am: Man in black pickup harassing man in Dascomb Road parking lot.
1:48 pm: Identity fraud, Salem Street.
4:48 pm: Warrant arrest, North Main Street.
4:57 pm: Harassment, Avon Street.
5:55 pm: Crash with injury, North Main Street.
7:16 pm: Fraud, William Street.
7:43 pm: Breaking and entering, Lowell Street.
8:08 pm: Fraud, Haven Drive.

Tuesday, May 16

7:25 am: Injured beaver on AVIS trail near Oriole Drive.
10:34 am: Truck “dumped a large quantity of concrete,” Lowell Street/Haggets Pond Road.
11:49 am: Dog found, Tewksbury Street.
1:07 pm: Resident reporting abuse at Academy Manor, Morton Street. Staff would like to speak with officer.
2:46 pm: Erratic operator, Elm Street.
2:59 pm: Suspicious activity, River Road.
3:29 pm: Well-being check; co-workers says party has not answered calls, missed multiple meetings. Party ok, no assistance needed, Minuteman Road.
3:52 pm: Bank fraud, Beacon Street.
5:33 pm: Erratic operator, Webster Street.
7:04 pm: Crash with unjury, Beacon Street/Chandler Road. One person taken to Lawrence General Hospital.
7:34 pm: Cars racing on Interstate 93 north.
8:25 pm: Crash with injury, Bartley Street/Morton Street.
8:30 pm: Suspicious activity, Rock O Dundee Road.
8:58 pm: Kids shooting BB or pellet guns at cars in driveway of house on North Main Street.
9:37 pm: Car stopped, someone threw glass bottle on a High Plain Road driveway.

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