The family of the 5-year-old Andover girl who was hit and killed while crossing the street in Elm Square on May 9 is considering filing civil suits against the truck and company involved in the crash.

“The Olson family is devastated by the loss of their daughter Sidney, and seeking to do everything in their power to help prevent this from happening to other families,” said Jennifer Denker of Boston-based Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow PC, who is representing Sidney’s Olson’s family, said

Denker said the truck was not equipped with safety features that could have prevented the crash. The family has yet to file a civil complaint as they continue to investigate the crash.

Also on Friday, the Essex County District Attorney’s office will not file criminal charges against the truck driver who hit and killed a five-year-old girl in Elm Square earlier this year.

“The investigative findings do not provide sufficient evidence to seek criminal charges against the driver of the tractor trailer, D.A. Paul Tucker said in a statement. “The driver was stopped at the intersection. As he began to advance forward on the light turning green, he was unable to see Ms. Olson traveling on her scooter in the crosswalk below. The driver was not impaired by any substances and immediately came to a controlled stop after the collision.”

The Sysco truck driver, who has not been identified, stayed on scene and cooperated with police and Tucker’s office after hitting five-year-old Sidney Olson on May 9 as she crossed the street in Elm Square with her family.

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