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Among the calls that kept Andover police busy last week, according to the police log:

  • Three arrests.
  • A man who called 911 wondering what time his hotel’s pool opened.
  • A homeless man at LaFina.

As Andover begins enforcing the new, town-wide, 25 mph speed limit, Andover News will include the speeding enforcement information in addition to the selected entries from each day’s police log. Police made 33 speeding stops between Nov. 13 and 20, up from 29 last week.

Call of the Week

Nov. 20, 10:24 pm: Caller reports 14-year-old son will not listen to them, Woodview Way.

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for Sept. 29 – Oct. 5 are listed below. Some entries may be updated after publication to include additional details from Andover Police Lt. Edward Guy. Those comments will be in bold.

You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Tuesday, Nov. 14

4 warnings and 3 citations issued for speeding.
8:52 am: Medication missing, Shattuck Road.
11:36 am: Unwanted guest, Main Street.
3:29 pm: Dead coyote on Interstate 495.
8:04 pm: Report of gunshots in area of Rutgers Road. Unable to locate.

Wednesday, Nov. 15

2 speeding stops that were not designated as citations or warnings in the log.
10:01 am: Caller reports hearing alarm for past several days. A fire alarm had been thrown out in a dumpster.
12:09 pm: Threats, Shawsheen Road.
1:23 pm: Caller worried a man on bridge at Route 28 and Route 25 may jump. Man was taking a walk on his break.
2:14 pm: Arrested a 28-year-old Danvers Man on failure to stop for police and other motor vehicle charges.
2:45 pm: Patron bothering people, Main Street.

Thursday, Nov. 16

3 warnings issued for speeding.
12:23 am: Dead deer on Lowell Street.
1:45 am: Tires stolen from Federal Street parking lot.
4:13 am: Crash with injury, Bellevue/Haggetts Pond Roads.
10:12 am: Vehicle breaking and entering, Cindy Lane.
10:18 am: Breaking and entering, vehicle, Arthur Road.
10:34 am: Woman taking photos on playground at South School.
1 pm: Employee caught stealing, Lowell Street.
3:02 pm: Woman taking pictures at school on Lovejoy Road. She was from out of town and waiting to pick up a family member.
3:40 pm: Detective investigation, River Road.
4:08 pm: Threatening phone calls, Campanelli Drive.
5:34 pm: Elderly man who appears confused walking on Main Street. He did not speak English. Man taken home.

Friday, Nov. 17

5 warnings and 2 citations issued for speeding.
7:27 am: Man taking pictures of Stop & Shop roofline, North Main Street. Phillips Academy student taking photos for class.
11:28 am: Detective investigation, North Main Street.
2:26 pm: Loose dog, Whittier Court.
4:07 pm: Hit-and-run on mailbox, Elysian Drive.
10:43 pm: Caller’s wife heard someone trying to get in their Airbnb. Resident did not see anything, just heard keypad beeping.
10:45 pm: Homeless man in back stairway of LaFina on Main Street. “He was moved along.”

Saturday, Nov. 18

4 warnings issued for speeding.
2:13 am: Accidental 911 call. Man thought he was calling a River Road hotel’s front desk to ask when the pool opens.
5:07 am: Man bothering customers at River Road business. Transported to Lawrence General Hospital.
9:31 am: Well-being check, Enmore Street.
10:36 am: Red Spring Road resident putting traffic cones out to block people from parking on the street.
10:57 am: Crash with injury, North Main Street.
11:03 am: Request to remove truck driver, Ballardvale Street.
1:16 pm: Wallet stolen, Chestnut Street.
2:07 pm: Housekeeper at River Road hotel found drug paraphernalia. Needles disposed.
3:29 pm: 16-year-old running away from father.

Sunday, Nov. 19

1 warning issued for speeding.
2:14 am: Group of kids partying at log cabin on Highland Road. Camus security dispersed the group.
11:27 am: Neighbors complaining about work, South Street. “All quiet.”
1:07 pm: Mailbox vandalism, Bailey Road.
6:06 pm: Crash with no injuries on Greenwood Road. Arrested a 66-year-old Andover man on a charge of OUI, 2nd offense.
6:51 pm: Warrant arrest.
8:21 pm: Older man walked into youth group at church, gone upon arrival. Appears to be a misunderstanding.

Monday, Nov. 20

3 warnings and 2 citations issued for speeding. There were also 4 speeding stops that were not designated as citations or warnings in the log.
7:25 am: Arrested a 40-year-old Lawrence woman on a charge of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, South Main Street.
4:23 pm: Crash with injury, River Road.
5:25 pm: Well-being check, Avon Street.
10:24 pm: Caller reports 14-year-old son will not listen to them, Woodview Way.
10:29 pm: Well-being check, Colonial Drive.

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