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Among the calls that kept Andover police busy last week, according to the police log:

  • A Snapchat friendship gone bad.
  • Three OUI arrests in less than an hour.
  • Ducklings who had trouble crossing Lowell Street.

As Andover begins enforcing the new, town-wide, 25 mph speed limit, Andover News will include the speeding enforcement information in addition to the selected entries from each day’s police log. Police made 29 speeding stops between Nov. 7 and 13, up from 15 last week.

Call of the Week

Nov. 8, 10:08 am: Beaver cut down tree in travel lane on Woburn Street.

Those and other selected entries from the Andover Police Department’s public log for Sept. 29 – Oct. 5 are listed below. Some entries may be updated after publication to include additional details from Andover Police Lt. Edward Guy. Those comments will be in bold.

You can download a PDF file of the complete, unedited log and view past entries from the Andover police log.

Tuesday, Nov. 7

5 warnings and 4 citations issued for speeding.
8:29 am: Caller reports suspicious vehicle on Evergreen Lane. Driver was out hunting.
2:55 pm: Caller reports she and her husband are receiving threatening phone calls, Lowell Street.
3:03 pm: Neighbor issues, Allen Street.
7:08 pm: Caller harassed outside North Main Street business.

Wednesday, Nov. 8

1 citation issued for speeding.
6:33 am: Arrested a 37-year-old Auburn, ME man on a warrant.
7:14 am: Driver reports neck pain after a two-car crash on Main Street
.8:12 am: Officer requests ambulance while transporting prisoner, North Main Street.
9:23 am: Assault, River Road
10:08 am: Beaver cut down tree, in travel lane on Woburn Street.
9:07 pm: Car reported stolen from Merrimack College. “Vehicle was not stolen. They parked in someone else’s spot, and it was towed.”

Thursday, Nov. 9

1 speeding stop that was not designated as a citation or warning in the log.
3:37 am: Caller reports hearing four gunshots, Greenwood Road. Nothing located.
8:23 am: Ducklings trying to cross Lowell Street at Chandler Circle. Gone upon arrival.
10:09 am: Caller wants to document incident between son and baby sitter, Stouffer Circle.
10:35 am: Dead animal in front of house on Bellevue Road.
11:27 am: Teacher reports one of her students got in a car and left school on Shattuck Road.
5:53 pm: Well-being check, North Main Street.

Friday, Nov. 10

4 warning and 1 citations issued for speeding. There was 1 speeding stop that was not designated as a citation or warning in the log.
7:53 am: Detective investigation, North Main Street
1:59 pm: Theft, Tanglewood Way.
6:24 pm: Caller from Marland Place looking for her pills so she can go to bed, Stevens Street.

Saturday, Nov. 11

No reported speeding stops.
2:17 am: 18-year-old woman at RIver Road hotel; says two woman outside are trying to fight her. “Argument amongst friends. Caller taken home by mom.”
10:30 am: Located 86-year-old man reported missing, transported to Holy Family Hospital.
12:33 pm: Neighbor issue, High Street.
12:37 pm: Caller found briefcase with prescription drugs and needles inside on River Road. Items were trash and were discarded.
2:30 pm: Arrested a 26-year-old Lawrence man on a warrant who was “acting suspicious” and “switched jacket and threw other than the woods.”
2:55 pm: Possible restraining order violation, Argilla Road.
4:36 pm: Caller reports air pods stolen from Lexington High School in May are showing on Find My Phone feature on Greenwood Road. Officer retrieved and returned item.
11:42 pm: Arrest, Evergreen Lane/Lowell Street.

Sunday, Nov. 12

1 speeding stop that was not designated as a citation or warning in the log.
12:15 am: Arrested a 27-year-old Lowell man following a crash with no injuries on Highland Road and charged him with OUI, operating with a suspended license and registration and a lights violation.
12:38 am: Arrested a 30-year-old Lowell woman on OUI charge
1:08 am: Arrested a 23-year-old North Andover man on OUI charge.
3:29 am: Customer disagreement at River Road hotel.
11:53 am: River Road hotel requests help removing a customer.
6:14 pm: Report from Wilmington police of a Lyft driver hitting a panic button en route to Ballardvale Street. 911 call from woman having a disagreement with her boyfriend.

Monday, Nov. 13

2 warnings and 2 citations issued for speeding. There were also 6 speeding stops that were not designated as citations or warnings in the log.
5:27 am: Smoke in basement, Comanche Place.
7:15 am: Car fire, River Road. “No fire, over-heated brakes.”
10:33 am: Well-being check for Elder Services.
1:51 pm: Assault, River Road
2:17 pm: Caller was picked up by person they met on Snapchat who took their belongings and would not let them leave. Caller dropped off at train station. “Mental health, party refused to talk to officers, got on train to go home.”

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