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A man was heard yelling at a dog on an open transmission that lasted for several minutes on the Andover police and fire scanner Tuesday morning.

Around 9:45 a.m., the scanner started broadcasting audio of a dog playing with a squeaky toy and barking. After a few minutes, a man can be heard telling the dog to stop and be quiet.

“Shut up right now,” the voice said. “Jesus Christ!”

A few minutes after that, his tone grew more harsh.

“Shut up!” the man yelled around 9:49 a.m. on a recording of Tuesday morning’s scanner activity. “Enough! Enough!”

Andover News asked police spokesman Lt. Edward Guy and Andover Fire Rescue Chief Michael Mansfield for comment on the incident and will update this story if they get back to us.

You can listen to the transmission below. The audio file has been edited to remove silent gaps:

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