Andover police have been handing out warnings to driver who break the new, town-wide, 25 mph speed limit.

By the end of the summer, those warnings will likely be tickets.

“The patrols are all working with [Chief Patrick Keefe] on increasing enforcement…I think people are going to see a lot more of it — I know I have as I’ve driven around,” Town Manager Andrew Flanagan said at Tuesday’s Andover Select Board meeting. “If you see people pulled over in the next few weeks, it’s probably warnings. And then a month after that it will be more ticketed enforcement.”

Flanagan said the Town is staffing a new traffic enforcement unit and has ordered 20 additional speed warning signs alerting drivers when they are above the limit. The Town currently has four of those signs, which can be moved to problem areas as needed. Andover police will also increase enforcement in areas where residents have raised concerns.

The emphasis on warnings was part of a push to educate drivers after the select board approved the change last year. The changeover included posting signs at the Town’s borders alerting drivers about the new speed limit. The rules affect more than 600 streets where the previous default speed limit was 30 mph hour.

Streets not highlighted in the map below are where drivers will have to observe the new 25 mph speed limit:

File photo/Town of Andover

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