Anyone driving on Maple Avenue between Walnut Avenue and Elm Street over the past few weeks has likely noticed traffic-calming measures and signs urging them to “Go Slow” on what is Andover’s first Shared Street.

The temporary pilot program on Maple Avenue is scheduled to come to a close in mid-November. Walk Bike Andover, the transit-focused community group, is urging supporters of the Shared Streets program to email the Planning and Public Works Departments.

Streets declared Shared Streets have non-permanent traffic-calming measures and posts and signage. Drivers are discouraged from using the street as a through route. The goal is to make the street safer and more pedestrian friendly.

On Maple Avenue, for example, temporary bump outs from the curb to slow traffic were included. Signs alerting drivers that they were on a shared street were placed at either end of Maple Avenue, but have since been removed for weather damage.

The planning department chose Maple Avenue for its pilot program because of its proximity to downtown and its frequent use as a cut through. The program had “strong support by Maple Ave residents,” according to Walk Bike Andover. Andover police have been collecting traffic data while the planning department will collect resident feedback.

More information on the Town of Andover Website.

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